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So the wiki says hes just an eternal dragon seeking the balance between heaven and hell and the protection of sanctuary. Is there anything in the novels? Might Trag'Oul be a god more powerful than the Angiris Council or the Greater and Lesser Evils?
I feel like maybe someday the Diablo games should get him more involved in someway
Yeah, I would definitely like to know more about Trag'Oul and his nature as a cosmic being...
He's in the Sin War novels quite a bit, Tho it doesnt say anything about where hes from etc, I guess you could say he is leader of the Necromancers as he chose Rathma to keep the balance.

At one point Trag'Oul says "Us" when talking about his duty, And Mendeln( A Necromancer) wonders if there is more dragons like Trag'Oul.

I just assumed that when a world is created, A celestial Dragon(Maybe another beast) is created to uphold the balance of that world.

Maybe Blizzard will shed light on him someday, Or, He will stay Blizzards Tom Bombadil ^^
I guess Trag'oul and his kin are the remnants of Anu.

They aren't Anu himself, but his some parts of consciousness spilled out before he was killed by the evil dragon. They realized that good and evil cannot be set apart, only through maintaining balance between the two can a being continuously exist.

The angel and demon had respectively used the worldstone to create numerous worlds before(mentioned in blizzcon in some year), but they did not last long. Only when Sanctuary, a world created by both angel and demon, came out and thrived and developed, the celestial guardians finally got a chance. If the world is saved, then the whole universe could return into balance once again.
If I recall correctly, every time the World Stone was used to create a world, either by the Demons or Angels, a Guardian Spirit of sorts was created alongside it without either Heaven or Hell being aware of it. These entities were supposedly linked to their worlds, and the destruction of their worlds either meant their death, or a significant weakening.

To use an Analogy, I think WoW borrowed from this concept when they expanded the lore for Titans. Trag'Oul would be similar to a World Soul, just, not slumbering.
My personal theory:

Trag'Oul is sort of like Tathamet or Anu, but unlike those two other dragons Trag'Oul has freedom (to an extent*) of controlling his actions.

Tathamet and Anu can not control being bound to their "virtues". They will fight each other and they literally could/can not stop themselves even if they tried. Anu and Tathamet know that even though their fight is called the "Eternal Conflict" that it is in fact not eternal and that eventually a winner will come out on top. At that point their world (Heaven or Hell) will destroy and replace the other. Even knowing this, they do not care and will continue to fight.

The same thing could happen with Sanctuary, so Trag'Oul wants no part of any of that. Trag'Oul wants Sanctuary to survive because he also wants himself to survive. And so far the only way to do that is to keep Heaven and Hell fighting against each other so that one doesn't become too powerful.

In an ironic twist of fate, after the events of Diablo 2, it is in fact the world of Sanctuary that has become too powerful. This might end up in a twist where the forces of Heaven/Hell "team up" in order to take out Sanctuary. At that point the jig is up and Trag'Oul would probably stop caring about maintaining balance. It would probably make its new priority finding/empowering as many Nephalem as it can in a desperate bid to save Sanctuary and save itself.

*The only virtue that I think Trag'Oul is bound to is self-preservation. It is capable of performing both good and evil deeds but only as long as preservation is the goal.
I was hoping Trag'Oul would be part of the Diablo 3 lore but it sucks they kinda used a cop out stating that Trag'Oul has disappeared and it's all a mystery as to why.

I would assume he vanished when the World Stone was destroyed.
I think he doesn't have a corporeal body. He only exists as a mirage. His true form is in the spirit realm of Mibiru'Ikura.
Hello. Explain me please the meaning of this phrase: "Trag’Oul was as near to a god as Karybdus had, as any of his kind had."

The dragon was known as Trag’Oul: He Who Is the Fulcrum of the Balance. Trag’Oul was as near to a god as Karybdus had, as any of his kind had.

Moon of the Spider, Chapter I

Does it means the dragon was not a god, as Karybdus was not?
His exact status, to my knowledge, is undefined. There's a few attempts at guesses, but you can pass portions of the writing off as hearsay or just the distortion of centuries. He is more or less the god of necromancers, regardless of his true nature.
12/11/2017 07:13 AMPosted by Runic
He is more or less the god of necromancers,

Can you pls rephrase next quote by other words? I am not a native english speaker.
as near to a god as Karybdus had, as any of his kind had.
12/11/2017 07:13 AMPosted by Runic
He is more or less the god of necromancers,

Can you pls rephrase next quote by other words? I am not a native english speaker.
[quote]as near to a god as Karybdus had, as any of his kind had.

He is basically the god of necromancers, but nobody is sure if he is actually a god. Perhaps they don't know if he's even real.

Either way, Diablo doesn't really define what a 'god' is - and gods in diablo are always a matter of perspective. Others that have been called 'gods' simply turned out to be angels and demons.
A god is called a god because others believe that he/she/it is one.

Trag'oul's belief is the priests' belief. The priesthood believe in what Trag'oul believes, the Balance.

They devote themselves in the Balance. Trag'oul always seeks to maintain the Balance, because he believes that by doing so, the world and its denizens can exist and live for another day. The priesthood carries out his will and tries fulfill Trag'oul's duty.

It's not important if Trag'oul is a god in a broader sense. The fact of that him/it being the god of the priesthood is enough. The same as the other religions.

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