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im just here to make this game from a golden bar to a platinum nugget. please take the time to read this all and forward my documents to the proper department, asking no recognition only deeper game depth.

love you all so much
god bless,

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6 hours ago
hey guys
I love the games you guys make, it is unmatched worldwide for true splendour, it is a pleasure for me to present to you this idea i have for a future upcoming patch, i just would like a confirmation of recieval, i know very well what i am doing and i have rebuild your diablo 2 LOD to a good polish as well in my mod database, but thats aside from it all, please consider this upcoming patch idea and lets get moving :) lets go platinum, better than releasing more expansions, lets keep this gold to straight platinum. we know very well diablo 3 is the ringer for any action rpg across the entire span of earths time :D, and im here to help you guys out in going platinum, fresh ideas straight from spirit bank.

please read,
god bless you all
6 hours ago
please respond with a response as well, i can just simply copy and paste the entire pad here, but i might as well incase you didnt get my wordpad attatchment docs and spreadsheets.

Hi, sw33tsp0t here, talented coder and game modder/developer for many titles Including Diablo II : Lord of Destruction. I have an Awesome Patch Idea that will Develop the Game so much Further than Ever!!

Idea of Future Patch Features:

-Gold Gambling
-Gheed from Diablo Two (OR NEW NPC)
-Greater Torment Levels
-Weapon Colors Transmogging
-Rarity Teired Legendaries
-Game Depth Increased by x10 (1000%) (Statistically)



Diablo has Progressed very Much over the past 5 Years of its Release, Mastering the Set Item Pool, Builds, and Functionality. but I've Noticed some More Awesome Deep Depth we can Add to this Incredible Masterpiece of an RPG Dungeon Crawler Game. Think of it in "Moderate Depth Water" So to say Current State.

The changes im about to bring forth will make the game from this Moderate Depth Water state to a Deep Wide River or Ocean of Gameplay Sink and Functionalibility, Ultimately Rewarding Diablo III Fanbase and Playerbase With a Truly Deep Immacculate Gem of a Game.


- Gold Gambling Re-incorporated from Diablo II's Gheed the Gambler to D3 to Provide Greater Goldsink for Endless High Amounts of Gold. ---> ALTERNATIVE TO REINCORPORATING GOLD AUCTION HOUSE. AND WORKS IN SYNC WITH BLOODSHARDS.

- Greater Torment Levels to Level Torment XIII equalizing with Greater Rift 60 Solo to Encompass the Greater Depth and Greater Itemsink Changes. ((Scales to a 25-30% Base Game Difficulty Increase))

- Ancient, Elite and Ultimate Versions of Weapons Color, Currently Weapons Cannot be Dyed, However, Color of Gear Will Remain Default. However, the Elite and Ultimate Versions will have a new %(LightAura)% or Metal %(ColorGloss)% or %Skin% of thier own Tier Corresponding to thier Rarity : (FROM ANCIENTS - 1/10) (Elite - 1/50) and (Ultimate - 1/100), The Ideas I had in Mind are as Follows:


Ideas for New Weapon Skins are as Follows:

- Weapon Aurora (%Aura%) (Glowing/Pulsating)

- Weapon Metal (Glossy Metallic)

- Weapon Mesh (Remake of Model Enhancements) *Coolest Idea*

%Aura% - [Ancient] Bronze/Black [Elite] White/Purple/Silver and Ultimate -/Orange/Gold Aura Light Emitter. %Metal% - Weapon Color Changed. Ancient - Bronze Overlay Texture, Elite - Purple or Silver Or White Overlay Texture, Ultimate - Orange or Gold Overlay Texture (GLOSSY). %Skin% - Have Wings Or Weapon Mesh Attatchment(s) Corresponding to thier Rarity, Such as, Moss and Mold Withering Overlap for Ancients, Electricity and Razor Spikes for Elite and Fire, Lava and Horns Pulsating Gold for Ultimates. the Ancient Pulsates Bronze, and the Elite Pulsates Silver.

- New Item Rarity Tiers: Ancient, Elite, and Ultimate. And Including Art Framework


Ancient - (1/10) Chance (25-30%) Stat Increase
(Bronze) (CURRENTLY ORANGE) Single Border Window Overlap
Elite - (1/50) Chance (75%) Stat Increase
(Silver) Dual Borders Window Overlap ((Tight Spread for Size Issues))
Ultimate - (1/100) Chance (+75%) or (150%) Stat Increase.
(Gold) Triple Borders Window Overlap ((Tight Spread for Size Issues))

Helms and Necks and Shields

Legendary - +626 - +750 Stats and Base Subordinant Affixes
Ancient - +825 - +1000 Stats and +30% Base Subordinant Affixes
Elite - +1350 - +1500 Stats and +45% Base Subordinant Affixes
Ultimate - +1875 - +2500 Stats and 60% Base Subordinant Affixes

Gear and Rings

Legendary - +416 - +500 Stats and Base Subordinant Affixes
Ancient - +550 - +750 Stats and +30% Base Subordinant Affixes
Elite - +800 - +1250 Stats and +30-45% Base Subordinant Affixes
Ultimate - +1050 - +2500 Stats and +60% Coordinating Subordinant Affixes


Basically Same Format As Stated Abouve, Just a +30%/+75%/+150% Increase As Ancient/Elite/Ultimate Follows.


Ultimately Re-Introducing a new Gold Sink aside From Greater Rifting. Greater Rifting Gold Payment is a Great way to Increase Gem Levels Faster, But this new Awesome Gold Sink is a way to Blow Gold EnMasse and STILL Have a High Need to Farm Items. But Now, you Must Farm Gold Too!!!

This is also a Chance to Reincorporate the NPC Gheed from Diablo II or a new NPC Like Kadala, Set aside from Blood Shards. Payments are Made in Game Gold Currency.

Gold Gambling Table:

Necklace - 75,000,000 Gold (Million)
2H Weapon - 50,000,000 Gold (Million)
1H Weapon - 50,000,000 Gold (Million)
Rings - 25,000,000 Gold (Million)
Armor, Shields and Utilities - 12,500,000 Gold (Million)

So think about this it Scales and Works Perfectly,

A Full Season Gathers about 50,000,000,000 (Billion) Surplus Gold.
So, if you buy 2,000 (Thousand) Rings, it Equals out to 50,000,000,000 (Billion) Gold. A FULL SEASONS JOURNEY WORTH! Lets say you got 160 Legendaries.

2,000 Rings Scaled Chances of Being Elite/Ultimate Legendaries:

about ~20 Different Rings per Classet, So,

20 x 1/50 x 1/100 = 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand) = *Leaves a 20*

out of 1,000 Legendaries, or Forgotten Souls (LMAO), that leaves 100 Ancients, 20 Elite Legendaries, and 10 Ultimate Legendaries, out of 1,000 Farmed Legs. BAD ASSS!!!
Now, Divide by the 2,000 Season Bought Rings, of Which 160 are Legendaries, this Leaves a 2% Chance of the Perfect Legendary. Recipicating over 100%, 50 Seasons Worth to Get the Ultimate Best in Slot (BiS) Ultimate Leg. But Thats Serious Grinding, Lmao, Let me Break it Down to Layman Terms.

50,000,000,000 (Billion) Golds Worth of Spendature: (1 FULL SEASONS ACHIEVED)

1600% Chance (+16) Ancient Legendaries.
320% Chance (+3.2) Elite Legendaries.
160% Chance (+1.6) Ultimate Legendaries.

so thats 16 Ancients, 3 Elites, and 2 Ultimates for an Entire Season Full Journey. So as you see, thats 3 Months worth of Gold Farming for 2 Ultimates and 3 Elites Legendaries. now Reciprocate it with Blood Shards, (x2) 32 Ancients, 6 Elites, and 3 - 4 Ultimates. for 3 Months worth of Currency Spending. Not Bad, Actually its a Perfect Currency Sink. times that by 4 for Year-Round Annual Tiered Legendaries, thats 128 Ancients, 24 Elite Legendaries, and 15-16 Ultimate Legendaries Per Year of Intense Primary Play from Currency Spending Alone. SO THE EMPHASIS IS STILL ON FARMING!! :D :D :D.
And a Years worth of this Much Play Converts to about 1,000 Hours or 42 Days.
and good luck on one of those rolling with the perfect Affixes ;) :-).

This is My Idea for a in the Near Future Diablo Patch, Hopefully 2.5.0, we are Currently in 2.4.1 which is a PERFECT Patch to Settle the Gear Balance. and Cool Seasonal Introductions of Pets and Xmog Farming. :-D. but this Next patch I see I needed to Reveal to you Guys to See what you can get Going in Motion. I Am a Talented Game Developer for Many Titles, Modding Coding and Compiling. I wish i Worked for Blizzard i'd Have this Patch done in about a Week. Straight #EyeGoggles Mode. LOL. Please Read all this and COMPLETE it in the Future. this takes the game from Statistically a 300% Game to 3000% Game. :D and the Balance is Perfect as Stated Here. THANK YOU FOR READING MY DOCUMENT AND REQUEST GOD BLESS YOU GUYS YOUR MY FAVORITE GAME COMPANY OF ALL TIME!! LONG LIVE DIABLO THREE!!!

Matthew Justin Cartwright

Now, Onto the Useless SOJ (Stone of Jordan) Issue:
Back in my Diablo II Singleplayer Enhancement Mod v1.6 Final, After so Many SOJ's were Sold to Vendors, an Uber Diablo would Spawn in World Map. So Lets Make this for an Idea, 3 SOJ's In Horodric Cube Transmutes a Portal to OLD Tristram (New Map Portal) where you Fight the Spirit of Uber Diablo as he Once Was (MALE MODEL) Before the Possession of Leah, with Boss Loot Chest Included and Super Badass Loot Drops From Him. Even Guaranteed Legs, Shards, Lots of Gold, Pretty Much a Super Bad !@# Uber Diablo with Super Loot, (Worth the Run) and 3 Soj's is Perfect Because one is too Easy.
why do I think I have read this entire thing a month or so ago - actually it was three weeks ago and the thread got deleted because you sort of lost it with people's discussion of the faults of your ideas.

In any case I don't care for most of your suggestions and please remove my name from your thanks part.
want to go again?
say when
06/12/2016 10:05 AMPosted by sw33tsp0t
want to go again?
say when

nah you aren't worth it - it is best for this thread to stay up and let you get the disappointment of not seeing all your 'brilliant' ideas implemented.

Hopefully, you won't see fit to spam this forum with the same thread every three weeks then.
Those are all, every one of them, just awful ideas.
06/12/2016 10:21 AMPosted by Checkmate
Those are all, every one of them, just awful ideas.

You aren't very bright.
06/12/2016 10:23 AMPosted by Ventus
06/12/2016 10:21 AMPosted by Checkmate
Those are all, every one of them, just awful ideas.

You aren't very bright.

You again OP ?
06/12/2016 10:23 AMPosted by Ventus
06/12/2016 10:21 AMPosted by Checkmate
Those are all, every one of them, just awful ideas.

You aren't very bright.

Pot, kettle.
What a jumbled mess. I'm glad I don't play that version of D3
06/12/2016 09:48 AMPosted by sw33tsp0t
but I've Noticed some More Awesome Deep Depth

Like I said in the last deleted post. More power creeping does not equal to fun.

May be someone would like it, so lets not lose it and get deleted this time and let other people to vote and decide.
All this does is just add more powercreep into the game which we don't need.

What I would rather is combine what we have now with the ideas from the old torment levels. Basically you have to farm to get items good enough to advance to the next one.

Think if the stat rolls on your items, or the Leg affix was based on what GR level you got it in. Then the max was up around GR 80. Then you would actually meaningfully progress up the ladder - sort of like leveling a gem. Rather than immediately getting a class set and doing GR 40, then getting another Leg and you are at GR 60, then one more and you go to 80 and then you actually hit walls.
Blizzard, I'm tired of being locked into your limited sets, skills and weapons. Not only that, wasted time playing the game with dead ends loops of monotony. Boredom is having few choices with take it or leave it constructs. I'd like to suggest you add more different sets of gear and weapons per class to increase variation. Give players the opportunity for unique builds / combinations. Now that would be fun. Too many times you limit possibilities of play styles.
Allow different skills as a drop down menu for each class. Now that'd be really cool! The idea here is variation of game play and choices, not endless mindless mining for on specific items just to copy everyone's else's "this is how you have to build and play" attitude. I played WOW before I started D2,and now D3. D2 allowed you to change your inventory while in game play. Also, when fighting Bosses you were at least guaranteed a decent drop of an item. Put excitement back into the game! A response would be appreciated!
06/12/2016 04:04 PMPosted by Dysenigrate
What a jumbled mess. I'm glad I don't play that version of D3

Opposed to not playing this version of D3?

I don't see the difference.

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