Will You be Playing Diablo 3 in 12 years from now?

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Diablo 2 was released June 29, 2000. I logged in D2 this morning and there are 20,138 users playing 19,220 games of Diablo II Lord of Destruction. That's just the players playing online, and only for the expansion. It also says that there are 46,689 users playing 22,775 games on Battle.net. That means that a little under half of all players playing classic battle.net are D2:LoD players.

7:40 am PST on a Thursday morning would not be something most players consider peak hours. Yet I'm still amazed at the sheer number of players that continue to play this 16 years old game. It's even more amazing considering that this 16 year old game has a sequel, with a sequel expansion. Not many games would continue to have such a steady and loyal player-base in that situation. Oh I also forgot to mention, this is after a very recent and brutal ban-wave on bots too:

Diablo 3 was released on May 15, 2012.

So I gotta ask you guys... Will any of you guys be playing Diablo 3 in 12 years from now? Is that something you can honestly see yourself doing?
If Diablo 4 is not released, I wouldn't be surprised :)
Diablo 3 has good engine and great potential. If the developers can utilize this potential and there is no D4, I expect many people to still play D3 after 12 years.
Hard to say. It depends on if candy crush comes out with candy crush 3, then no...
06/16/2016 08:02 AMPosted by Gorgatron123
If Diablo 4 is not released, I wouldn't be surprised :)

There's a lot of speculation that Diablo 4 will be released next... and in 12 years, I would hope that a D4 comes out lol XD.
Nope. But I did play d2 for about 10 years
Unless some major additions are made to this franchise (D3), I do not see it making its course for another 10 years or however long of a timeframe to put it up against D2's life span.

You just can't paragon grind and have these Set balancing patches for that long. The game needs a fresh approach on epic encounters, level/character/tree skills, crafting and a host of other "RPG" elements that make this type of genre attractive.

My wish is for D3 to be revolutionized but having come from the software industry, understanding frameworks for software (and games), it may be best to scratch it all and start fresh...
aka D4...

Maybe we will see in Blizzcon.
diablo 3 has a lot of potential, even if d4 is not released i can still see myself playing this game in and on between other games. The combat system in here is just tooo damn smooth to leave it.
FWIW, this game has managed to keep me coming back for over 4 years now.

I prefer to play the game in large chunks, with breaks in between to allow the content, meta, and features to change.

Keeps it fresh for me.
When people talk about D3's potential what they are really saying is it has a great engine and maybe one day Blizzard will patch an actual Diablo game on to it.

The issue is there haven't been any barriers in the way of Blizzard making D3 right and so the problem really seems to be that they don't understand how to cultivate proper RPG elements that provide the depth and diversity players expect of this genre. They seemed trapped into copying WoW by dictating mechanics and build identity to the players rather than providing systems and tools that let them choose these things for themselves.
around 30k of your players there are bots.
if you take that into account it doesnt sound as impressive anymore
Most likely, yes. I don't buy or play new games anymore. I've sort of retreated from the larger gaming industry and simply enjoy playing D3 and some HOTS with my friends.

Some time ago, a lot of my friends started playing Marvel Heroes. I tried to join them, but it wasn't captivating for me.

D3's gameplay and pricing model suits me just fine.
I am still playing D1 and D2. When my daughter calls a couple of times a week and says time to get D3 fired up dad, we have a blast playing the game together .

But if I want to really have a great game experience then I fire up HELLGATE LONDON, now this is what I gave up to play D3, what a letdown and great disappointment Vanilla was, and ROS is getting to be a pain to play. Trying Seasons for the second time.Ya like that's going to happen again, no more Seasons.

D3 has lost it's way, direction etc,.
Hard to say. I get bored quickly with rifts. If that's all they want us to do and nothing else is released then no for me.

Also paragon points are too important. If you do take a break from the game you fall so far behind when you come back.
Entirely depends. Diablo is a game I play when I'm bored with all other games I play, if I find another game that I think is more fun to have as a "last resort" game I won't.
I will for sure play just like on occasion I play, Castlevania Symphony of the night, Zelda, Kid Icarus, Contra, the first Resident Evil, Dark Cloud.... and so on

Some games are better then others, some are all time greats.

I get what the OPer is trying to do by saying this game doesn't have the replayability he thinks D2 has, but who cares each person has their own ideas of what a good game is.

I can turn on Tecmo Bowl and get more enjoyment then playing Madden 2016 sometimes that doesn't mean one is better then the other, the 2 games are COMPLETELY different just like D2 is totally different then D3, probably because it was made from a different dev team...
I still occasionally play "Adventure" on my Atari 2600 emulator with the progeny. I got my first copy of that one in 1979. So if there is still a server alive (and a me alive), I'll probably dust off D3 once in a while.


(∆Diablo's great, great, grandpappy∆)
It's hard for me to say if I'll be playing in 12 years still. Alot of that depends on where I am in life, games on the market, and if this game is still even alive in 12 years.
I'll play 3 until 4 is released. Then I'll bombard the D4 forums with ridiculous complaints about how iconic and wonderful 3 was, until I finally like 4 as much as 3. Then wash, rinse and repeat for 5.
Just wondering if you realize that well over half of hose "Players" are bots.

Be it spam,Chaos,Chant, or Baal bots.To me that is not playing that is just another way to EPEEN about how "good of a player " you are when you actually log in and play live with your friends.

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