Lore attached to bounties and rifts?

Lore and Story
Although the bounties are mostly for the purpose of farming needed materials, they do tend to introduce new characters. Rifts have us fighting such lovable characters as Perdition and Voracity, while we often see bounties like...

  • Kill Sotnob the Fool
  • Kill Theodyn Deathsinger
  • Complete The Matriarch's Bones
  • Complete Last Stand of the Ancients

Is there anyone else who would be interested in some more lore on these things? Like, who is Perdition, and what purpose does he serve in the Great Conflict? (Assuming he serves the Greater Evils...)

Who is Sotnob the Fool, and why is he important enough that the nephalem needs to go take him out?

Obviously, this won't matter much to people who are uninterested in lore, but for those of us who are interested...
I don't think the Rift Guardians have any lore. When you fill your bar and spawn a Guardian, there's a notice that says something like "the shadows gather and a new evil walks the earth". "New" evil indicates that these are not ancient evils with some part in the history of Sanctuary.

The bounties, who knows

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