My top 10 all time D3 builds

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1. Jade Harvester
The Reaper of souls

2.Whirlwind barbarian
Spin to win.

3. Bombardment crusader.
Dropping bombs.

4. Fear Doc.
You cant move, you're too scared!

5..Critical mass wizard
You cant move, you're frozen.

6..08 Archon Wizard.
Mass destruction in the fields of misery.

7. Bear Doc
Did you see the Revenant?

8.Heal Monk
Don't worry I got you.

9 Marauder Demon hunter
I got the deeps.

10.O dog
Don't let PETA catch you with this build.
Out of all of these, CM wizard is on mine, because of how it came to be.

Uliana will be there for how differently it plays.
No support roles, its silly and lazy.
1. Vyr's Archon.
2. Vyr's Archon.
3. Vyr's Archon.
4. Vyr's Archon.
5. Tal's channeling.
6. Tal's channeling.
7. Firebird's channeling.
8. UE.
9. Uliana's.
10. Zuni pets.

I dunno what it is about Vyr's, I just really like the rise and fall of damage/toughness with stacks. All of the set bonuses synergize really nicely with each other.

The vast majority of my playtime is playing one of these builds. Marauder's and Nat's should probably be on this list in terms of playtime, but I just like the feel of UE better.
One's favorite build shouldn't be what the devs dictated us to play (by massively overpowering sets), it should be a build that you came up by yourself, by using the skills and runes that you personally prefer the most.

But sadly those builds are totally underpowered. I blame the devs for that.
After Archon wizard went away I really don"t have fun with it. I've kind of stopped playing that class. I started a Witch Doctor because it looks like it can be fun. Plus that really tall skeleton - I have to find out what that is.
1. Suppression Fire/Punishment cycling build - D3V

2. Stone Cold Hunter build w/Stick Trap - D3V

4. Zero CC UE - ROS

5. Hunter's Wrath UE - ROS
My favorite build ever was sweeping wind with the old thunderclap monk. God how I loved that build.
1. FoK-DH (all 6 versions) - D3V
2. Archon Wizard - D3V
3. Blizzard Wizard - D3V
4. Bell Monk - D3V
5. FoK-Proc DH - RoS (sadly totally underpowered)
Wait what noone is mentioning 0dog doctor????? I'd come back to play diablo3 if they implement something like that again haha
jade... omg how i miss it...
Locust swarm/firebats wd melting screenfulls on mp10
@soZehh You're right, this is a serious oversight. I'm bumping Twister wiz off the list.
Critical Mass Wiz... awesome!!
06/03/2016 11:13 PMPosted by HolyDiver
Out of all of these, CM wizard is on mine, because of how it came to be.

CM Wiz / perm freeze wiz. yup.

Also, Holy Diver, you a Dio fan!! ?
For me it's...

1.) Season 4's Static Charge Monk
2.) Whirlwind Barb from vanilla, not RoS
3.) Season 1's Marauder DH where you place sentries and hide behind walls (I like the lazy builds) lol
06/04/2016 08:29 AMPosted by GoneHOLLOW
Locust swarm/firebats wd melting screenfulls on mp10

Yes, I loved crypt runs! I don't know why blizz got rid of it.
Grenadier DH, Whirlwind Brb, Odog Wd, then old Archon.
Cockroach CC lockdown bleed DH. It was amazing what 10k sheet DPS could do with the right gear affixes. Currently reliving the glory with a weapon damage DH build.
1. Sweeping Wind Snapshot
2. Sweeping Wind Snapshot
3. Writing about possibilities of SW sets that could make it return better and more awesome that were ignored
4. U6
5. Helltooth Garg / and Chicken Run Variant
6. Fear Doc
7. UE
8. Invoker
9. Inna Pets
10. CM Wiz
My favourite still is

Firestarter Fist of Heaven. (Boom shake shake shake the room).

Tried an LoN version, TX is viable but no perma firestarter.

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