Heartbreak on 85

This is what you call heartbreak. Missed it by 1 sec. LOL Oh well... I'll get it next time

Agghh no!! You will get it man. I had around 5 or so really close calls the other day before I finally absolutely maimed an 85 and got me a rank 54. LEAP!!!!!
You win. The closest I had was 0.3 sec.
I feel you! I remember a couple times when all I needed to win was just a single hit.
If you were that close, you will get it. I cleared 88 tonight, after 6 hours of attempts. Closest miss was 20 seconds, but I knew that just a bit of luck and I'm there. Keep going!
I tried a few more times and it would only be fair that I would beat it by 5 sec LOL


Thank you for the encouraging words guys.
I forgot which season it was. But someone got 15 minutes on the dot and ranked.
06/10/2016 03:50 AMPosted by Dmoney
I forgot which season it was. But someone got 15 minutes on the dot and ranked.

Last season I got 15 min and some milliseconds. It didn't rank me on the leaderboard but urshi did let me upgrade my gems as a consolation prize. I assume the leaderboard rounds up and Urshi rounds down.
This era when I was doing my 10 GR per level, I got rank 1001 while coming up.

I wish I had a screen grab of it.

The only think I can think of is that I had rank 1000, and lost it between the few seconds where I finished the rift and the message came up. So the message had to update to 1001.

I looked pretty cool.

Once I lost by 1 second also while pushing the leaderboards. It sucked bad at first but It ended up being a good thing cause 20 trys later I won in like 11minutes XX seconds and was 21st instead of the like 50th I would've been with a 15:00 score.

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