Ramalandi's Gift - Does it still exist?

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I was just wondering if this item still drops? I remember getting a couple after it was first released but I have not seen one drop since then, and have played to paragon level 354 so far in this season while running T9 bounties, Rifts and GR's without one dropping. is there some trick to getting one now? Would really like to add a socket to my weapon.

Got 12 in my stash on season atm, used maybe 8 and given a way a few.
"Finished" the Season at para 512. Got 3 along the way.

Back to NS after getting the extra stash. I have 180+ gifts in NS
so just bad luck on my part. I try to do a mix of bounties, rifts and GR. Guess I will keep plugging away at it and hope my luck turns around. thanks
It's pure luck. I've got about ten of them during first month of Season 6 and there was no visible pattern in drops (I was getting them from random monsters, elites, RGs, chests). And I'm not playing 24/7: still less than P700 this season.
When you get to the point of being able to speed farm tx andmedium level grs they'll drop like mad. But we only REALLY need the first one to get us going
I have 30 of them
I play about 3 hours a day. I get a gift about once a week. Part of me thinks that I don't get enough of them, but then I realize that I've only had to use a gift maybe twice this whole season. So I'm fine with the drop rate at the moment. Better to have too many that not enough, right?

Perhaps play more Torment X normal rifts to increase your legendary drops? The more drops, the better the odds are that you'll get the item you are looking for.
got a total of 170+ .... RNG bruh
Yes, Ramalandi's Gift still drops like any other Legendary/Set item - by pure luck. If I'm not mistaken, a higher Torment/Greater Rift difficulty will significantly increase the chances of getting a Legendary/Set item, including Ramalandi's Gift, so keep grinding away at it. Since none of my characters can efficiently farm Torment X without help or being carried, I have to stick on Torment VI, meaning a Ramalandi's Gift drop for me is extremely rare compared to some other Legendary/Set items that seem to drop for me more often than a Death's Breath after killing an Elite/Champion Pack.
Yeah, it's still out there. I've found two this season. Though oddly enough, all of them that I've ever found were in Greater Rifts. No idea why, as they drop anywhere. I've never seen one outside a rift. Over all, I haven't found many. Though I'm more casual. So it's all RNG.
P680, 2 this season so far.

I'm always short on gifts, they just don't drop for me. My bro on the other hand gets one every session and has a stack of them for less paragon and time played.

I'm not sure how they can even out the rng, but it sometimes seams the furnace has a similar drop rate for others yet I get heaps of the useless darn things.

I'd like maybe 10% increase in drop rate, for me at least....

I've gotten most of mine from Grifts, it seems. As I've run fewer grifts (by game time) than the time spent playing bounties/rifts, I feel that for me at least Grifts are the best way for me to find 'em.
I seem to get most of mine with Grifts. Just keep speed grifting. I got 2 in 10 speed grifts this morning. But just go back to back on those grifts.
I don't have enough weapons and builds to use them all, and I don't think there is even that many weapons in that game, that's all you have to know about amount of them I have.

RNG is a b!tch, that's for sure.

Things that come to somebody like nothing, for others are a dream. And the other way around.

Don't give up, play a lot, and best do so on level where you can clear rift in ~3 minutes and GR in 7. Speed runs somehow give more and better loot, including Rama.
Had one drop couple nights ago.
I found one in S6 at P600+. The rest I have were given to me by friends I was playing with. Seems like it's easier to get them when you group than when you're solo. I have gotten, on average 1 per season in the past, which I mostly solo'd.
Finding one in seasons can be a MAJOR source of frustration. I found my first at Paragon 500 in S6, over P400 in season 5. I have a ton in NS, but most people who play regularly have them coming out their ears in NS. In seasons though... dang I wish they'd boost the drop rate a little. You can literally finish the stash tab, spend 40+ hours playing at level 70.... and not see a single one. Heck, I was pretty much done playing season before I ever found one.
Found one in a pub game 10 min ago. Have 13 In the stash used a few and have given away at least that many so far this season.
For now, I had about 40 gifts this season.
I have 30 in my stach.

I remember that i got my first gift around paragon 500, 2 days after the begining of the season.

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