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So I have to ask. With the six classes currently available for play in Reaper of Souls, what is your most and/or least favorite resource in the game? To refresh your memory if you can't remember all six of them, they are:

Fury - Barbarian class
Arcane Power - Wizard class
Spirit - Monk class
Mana - Witch Doctor class
Hatred/Discipline - Demon Hunter class
Wrath - Crusader class

Of these six, which of them do you like/hate the most at their base/beginning state, and which of these six do you like/hate at their endgame state after gearing your character with the build you use? To start this discussion off, I'll give you my answer.

Start of the game

At the beginning, the one I like the most is definitely Arcane Power because of how fast it regenerates, meaning I don't have to be without my spells for very long, not to mention that very few of the Wizard's attacks are too costly, if at all, when she is geared properly. As for the worst, this is no doubt Wrath.

To his credit, while the Crusader's more expensive skills are indeed very powerful at the beginning of the game in terms of damage percentage, he can be drained of his resource almost instantly if attacking rapidly, and the regeneration rate in comparison to his total reservoir is questionable, meaning the Crusader is essentially forced into either timing his attacks very carefully to maintain his precious Wrath resource, or endure long cool-down periods to make use of skills that do not require Wrath. However, with proper gear and skill setup, Wrath can be managed with ease, or have its efficiency in conjunction with the Crusader's skills improved significantly.

End of the game

As for the end of the game, it's a significantly tougher choice to choose the resource I like the most, since endgame gear and builds often come with improving the resource efficiency of a class to the point where it's almost infinite and becomes second nature. Out of all the classes that I have regularly played and geared to my liking, the one I like the most is Mana from the Witch Doctor class. Not only does he have a huge reservoir of Mana by the end of the game, multiple times larger than most other class resources. it also regenerates very quickly in comparison to his total amount of Mana. If that's not enough for you, many of his passive skills also give huge benefits to Mana efficiency as a whole, and many of his Legendary/Set effects also boast unique benefits that aid in Mana regeneration and/or preservation of the resource. While much of the same can also be said for the other classes and their respective resources, Mana is the one I enjoy the most.

As for the one I hate the most, once again, it is the Crusader's Wrath resource. While it is much more efficient and easy to manage compared to the start of the game, it can still be troublesome unless you're using the correct build in conjunction with his skills. That's not to say it's unplayable, however, because that's simply not true. Many of the Crusader builds I've witnessed have made Wrath management a second nature issue completely, being able to spam their most powerful skills through the use of clever setups that combine the effects of certain items, passives, skills, and skill runes.

Though the Crusader's Wrath regeneration rate and maximum Wrath does not increase on its own, he does possess, arguably, the most Legendary/Set items with the unique effect of lowering the cost of many of his skills, or reducing the cool-down period on many of his skills. As a matter of fact, some of his Legendary/Set items can reduce the cost of some skills that the Crusader has by half, if not more when used alongside other Legendary/Set items. One such example is the "Shield Bash" build, which takes specific advantage of a Set effect and a select few Legendary Items to create an almost-infinite source of Wrath by, quite literally, spamming the Sweep Attack skill on enemies, followed by a very fast barrage of Shield Bash attacks.


So what are your preferred resources? Which ones do you like, and which ones do you hate with a burning passion hotter than the fires of the Burning Hells itself? Which resource do you think shines above the others with a brightness rivaling that of the High Heavens, and which resource dwells darker than the deepest dungeons in the lands of Sanctuary? Tell me in a reply!
They're all just mana essentially. There is no liking one more than another...for me anyways.
Personally, I like the hatred vs. discipline mechanic on DHs. Needing to balance two different resources, one primarily for offense and the other for defense/mobility I find to be a really interesting mechanic.
Favorite, DH. Managing Hate/Disc is rewarding and fun.

Most hated, Crusader. Its poor for no real reason and is totally reliant on items to even get up to 'poor' in comparison with the resource mechanics of other classes I play.
Favorite is a tie between Arcane Power of the Wizard and the Hatred/Discipline of the Demon Hunter. But are good balanced in spenditure and regen. Although wizard spells are insanely weak, the cost and ressource management is pretty good. The extra regen of AP through critical hits is also a more interesting mechanic than a mere higher regen. However the balancing act of Disciplin and Hatred makes for a more fluent yet thoughtfull playstyle, especially with mechanics as the one Unhallowed Essences introduces.

The worst is Wrath. The lore doesn't work, the essence looks wrong. It feels like a copy of Barbarians Fury, but without the tedious degeneration - it also recovers in the same way when hitting objects even thou it shouldn't. Wrath is also boring mechanicalwise and offers nothing interesting, it's just there, and you always has too little to use the skills you want as you want to.
Favorites- Fury because I love Barbs and it fits. Arcane because I love the way it looks.

Lest Favorites- Hatred/Discipline because it looks stupid and too complicated. Wrath because it looks like a certain bodily fluid ima right?

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