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Robot Kingdo reporting in.

Noticed this patch the majority of changes this patch were number tweaks and not actual game mechanic or skill changes or changes to the GR system (other than number tweaks.)

Because of that I didn't come back this patch! Still reading the barb forums to see what the games like and keeping up on patch notes. Hopefully there's big enough change next patch to draw me back in.
Sup kd. Come and join TPL :) As far as the game goes I wouldn't expect anything else but set power swings from here on out. I presume and hope that there's a D4 project going on for the next major Diablo content drop.
EQ has never been so good. Cold works in TX again. It can keep up with WW barbs in open maps. to teleport. =)

I think you'd really enjoy it.
What KB said seems like a good prediction.

Don't expect anything really game changing barring an expansion imo (and that seems unlikely).

So ya, I expect many players to be taking patches/seasons off moving forward.
sucky. There were 3 or so really game changing patches in a row. Greater Rifts being introduced, getting rid of GR trials, dropping monster damage 2 different patches, Horadric cube and all it's craziness being introduced.....

Hoping for the best next patch!

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