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Is the MURLOCKET still in the game if so how do you get it?
Yes, it's still in the game as a targeted drop from Moontooth Dreadshark.
yes, all 6 blue unique items still drop. I hunt them all on most patches to make sure they still drop and I have found them all in seasons 6 patch 2.4.1

this guide will help u

EDIT. here's my seasons 6 patch 2.4.1 pic of inventory showing the 6 items there. Some are very hard to find.
According to the Game Guide it should still drop. There is a comment from 4 days ago with somebody claiming to have had it drop at that time.
When you're in the sewers if you come across a pile of debris you can't break, wait a few seconds and Moontooth Dreadshark will spawn. He can, indeed, drop The Murlocket. If there is no unbreakable debris in the sewers, restart. He only spawns where the unbreakable debris is.

Also, YouTube has videos showing how it's obtained if you want an actual visual.
I never knew all of this stuff was in here, thank you!
Strangely enough, I farmed a Murlocket yesterday to take a break from pet/rainbow goblin farming. I tried both adventure mode and campaign mode. It took a while, but it eventually dropped in adventure mode for me. And now I have a Murlocket from both the AH and from a lvl 70 drop...neither of which are of any use since they are so abysmally weak and cannot be cubed or otherwise used to provide a regular pet. : )
Just farmed him & now I have another pet thank you all!
Been a while since an update to this thread. All 6 still in game? Do the weapons and armour give you a transmog?
It is real, I got one today :)

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