GR 75 by the end of the season - gen inna

Greetings fellow monks,

I love the concept of pulverizing enemies with my fists and have established a clear goal for myself - want to get at least gr 75 by the end of the season. Below is my hero profile, with the gear i would like to achieve my goal with:

The highest i got i 70, i think i could manage to get 71. I have 10 gems leveled to 60 and the neccessary ancient items to cube, so i have about 2 levels of "margin" ahead of me.

The biggest problem I have is that I dont really know, whether i should go with hundred fist or the crippling wave. I would appreciate it, if someone explained to me in detail, but plain enough so I would understand.

Secondly - which stats do i lack right now that is crucial to the build ( i invested a hefty amount of time to get these ancient shenlong fists - dont know though, whether they are good enough, or should i keep farming mats). Am i going in the right direction with a little bit of loh, cdr and area damage?

Critique is welcome, i really want to get 75 this time!
You are lacking up to 190% CHD across your gloves, ammy and rings. 2x 50% CHD rolls are presumably being replaced by IAS rolls, to cap out APS at 5 during STI, Radiance and FD uptime. The best option to gain the missing 90% CHD would be from a new traveler's pledge and compass rose.

The dmg rolls on your Shenlong's are on the lower end. With +10% dmg roll, they can roll up to ~3126 dps (1901 - 2565 weapon dmg). As for the stat rolls, Epi requires high CDR, so you can either go for CDR to cater to this (keeping in mind you will not be benefiting from its spirit regen, due to shenlong's, which is ideally active 100% of the time) or else you can roll AD. I would consider the dex and 10% rolls to be mandatory (until paragon is high enough to roll off dex). What you do not want to roll onto a generator build is LoH, since your vit and Simplicity's Strength will take care of this for you.

As for CW vs WotHF... this is kind of a tough one. If you run CW - Mangle (which you are), you will see consistent dmg per hit, with a higher base dmg over WotHF and additionally debuffs mobs. On the other hand, WotHF - FoF has lower dmg earlier on, but stacks up over time, which makes it powerful vs strong targets (i.e. RG). Both skills have good AoE potential, so I consider them to be fairly equal in that sense.

Briefly going over stats again, you will want to focus on CHD and CHC (with roughly 10:1 ratio), AD to maximise dmg per hit, enough APS to maintain shenlong (FD proc will do the rest) and if sticking with Epiphany you will need reasonable CDR. A quick note on Epi's CDR req; You can easily get ~42% CDR (~20 sec downtime), beyond this point you have to trade off desirable stats (usually AD). Taking CDR to ~52% will give you ~52% Epi uptime (~14 secs downtime). This is a saving of 6 secs, at a cost of 44% AD (gloves and 1 weapon).
Thank you man for your quick and helpful response. I guess I have to reevaluate the benefits of increased attack speed and life on hit. I will follow your advice and hopefully get some decent gear with the right stats.

From my experience up to this point - way of hundred fists gives better results, it feels like it does more than CW. Right now i was playing more with CW, but I didnt feel the kick I was expecting.

I think that the amount of CDR that I have right now seems sufficient, ill try getting more crit and area damage.

Again, i appreciate your help, thank you.
I'd like to just say grats on 70. You will probably like what I'm about to say. If you can clear 70 pretty reliably, you have just about all you need to clear 75. Let that sink in: If you can do 70, you can do 75. The difference is play-style and a little luck. Learn what groups of creatures you are strong against and which are wastes of time. Learn what affixes are easy to take down and which are a pain in the !@#. Fish rifts while sticking to a tight schedule to swiftly move through the rift. Don't get hung up on clearing anything and accept that some rifts are just bad ones and you might have to start a new game. Do all of these things and you will clear 75 with almost zero gear changes. That's what I did. Little things you can do to make your life easier: Level legendary gems at GR70 until the % is below 60%. That extra power will help. Make sure your weapon above all else is decent. Use or something else to make sure it isn't garbage. Even small buffs to your weapon can significantly increase your DPS, which means faster GRs. Feel free to check out my profile. I haven't touched my Monk since clearing 75.
Normally, you want to maximize AD without sacrificing crit stat, so make it in both weapon & shoulder.

Usually (some variant no need LpH by pumping Vit) you need one LpH on one fist.

Shoulder stat should have CDR>AD>AR.

Glove should be ancient dex vit crit crit (900+ stat is awesome)

WothF / CW dmg on pants&belt

Maximze secondary resist on all piece except shoulder & belt, then reduce range/melee on chest/amulet/bracer (range better than melee, bracer only capable of getting either resist or this)

Maximum crit stat on ring & amulet.

And fit a 6/7% increase atk speed stat on any gear (to reach breakpoint for standard build), best in compass rose ring (become trifecta with dual crit)
Thanks everyone for the feedback, i feel both wiser and more motivated at the same time.

Adjustments i decided to go for for the near future are: getting a better traveller's set (both ring and amulet - not necessarily ancient ones, but most definately with better statas, especially in crit department) and incorporating some tweaks for the items. Right now that already seems like a lot of investment - step by step.

Also, i decided to use Way of hundred fists, since it kinda generates better aoe - maybe im wrong, but it doesnt seem as flat as with crippling wave.

Maybe ill try getting better gloves - with vit instead of AD. You need to know, though, that im a huge fan of AD on every slot and dont think there is any rational limit, that you should be aiming for (this is a direct result of my love towards WW barb).

Again, thanks for the feedback - i got more than i expected.
Yes, AD have no limit, but trade off with other stat on some slot isn't worth it. Example:
Glove - 1k dex / vit / crit / crit are far valuable than 20%AD (10-20% roll), not worth it if you compare to 1k vit on weapon, which you can trade off for 18-24% AD.

Ring & Amulet - element & crit stat are too valuable to trade off, only compass rose have 1 more slot, which best if IAS, if not you will trade off another crit stat for that IAS.
06/22/2016 05:32 AMPosted by Bahamut
Yes, AD have no limit, but trade off with other stat on some slot isn't worth it. Example:
Glove - 1k dex / vit / crit / crit are far valuable than 20%AD (10-20% roll), not worth it if you compare to 1k vit on weapon, which you can trade off for 18-24% AD.

Personally, I hate vit on glove/weapon, as I consider these to be more offense focused gear slots. I get by just fine without an extra 1k vit, and if I desperately needed it, I could just paragon it. This cannot be done with AD, since paragon AD caps at 50%, so in the short term AD for vit might be an option, but long-term AD will always win out. The same is technically true for dex as well, although I like to keep dex on items, since it does add a nice chunk of dmg.
Psy, what you said is true as well, but not everyone have alot of paragon to fill the gap, especially when lower than 1.5k. 2000+ paragon is another story.

As for AD, I felt that 110%-118% is good enough, for making way to the top. Glove is changeable in my opinion, but for IAS/CDR, just my personal preference.

As for 'long-term', its always wise to keep potential good piece, for future use.

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