Sir william a Myth?

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Somebody know's his spawn rate
really really low
Well I heard 4-6 hours and then I spent over 12 hours doing extremely fast runs with 400% movement speed and never saw him. Got over 6 Hamburgers and 12 Spectrums, no Sir Willem. I gave up.
Probably around 0.1%
The first time, took me about 400 runs.

The second time, (because I wanted to keep his book icon in the stash - which he doesn't drop a 2nd time) took me about 37 runs.

The third time (because I was helping a good friend to get it) took me just 3 runs.

It's pretty low, you just need good luck, that's all, don't give up :)
1100+ runs and a not counted 9 hour preseason run and I never saw him. I gave up and it was in all honesty the only Tmogish item I wanted from the season.
It took me about 35 hours of farming him before it happened. I've heard of people getting him in the first hour, and others spending a month. It's a really bad spawn rate. Join the cosmetics community in-game and maybe you can get an invite from somebody when they find him, if they do so before you. =/
4-6 hours?

Honestly that's nothing. If I obtain ANY super-rare item/portrait in under 20-30 hours, I consider myself fortunate.

If these cosmetics or other super-rares were obtainable in 4-6 hours average, they would be too common, everyone would have them (and probably get bored and quit).
don't lose hope my friend. i've done 80+ runs before i killed sir william. take not all of them at TX. Then i decided to change to T6 after 1 run he spawn. LOL
I tried hundreds of times for a month of non-stop runs. I gave up and uninstalled for a couple of weeks. I reinstalled to test out a new build and tried a whimsy run for the heck of it.

I thought I ran into Evil Oliver for the 100x when *#$@ me if it wasn't Sir William...

Try uninstalling and come back a week later....
The spawn rate is really bad. I spent the whole week after the patch and before the start of the season looking for it. Dozens and dozens of runs, hours spent. Nothing. I kept trying once in a while during season on my non-seasonal character. No luck. Then, in one game during bounties, I had to kill all enemies at the crystal caves and Chiltara was there, She droped the gibberish stone right there! Another bounty took me to where the liquid rainbow spawns, and it was there! So I went to act I looking for the mushroom, and it was also there. The shinbone was not so It took me a few quick game restarts to get it but within an hour, my seasonal character had the staff of herding. After about only 3 visits to Whimsyshire with my seasonal character, I found Sir William. So yeah, it can take a long long long time to find him.

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