Quin's God Monk

I tried to follow his guide and know i am missing the Fleshrake but why cant i kill anything??
@ Foley , I think prolly cause you are using sunwuko paws for gloves , you need 5 pieces of raiments plus RoRg to get the 6 piece bonus , which is where all the damage comes from :) Peace
Flesh rake itself makes the dmg high enough for TX use as well, so its significant. Raiment full set is still pre-requisite
You can improve the build by using Shen long, also, you'll require kyoshiro's belt in order to get the three stacks to gain the spirit bonus.
Change the ring and amulet to endless walk.
I don't think you know what he is going for axioma. His build is for dashing strike damage and maximum spirit generation. Shenlong would be terrible with the build because the point is to never run out of spirit. Kyoshiro's belt isn't needed because no sweeping wind stacks are being consumed by sunwuko making it easy to sustain 3 stacks with crits. Endless walk would also be pointless because the idea of the build is to be the fastest thing in the game meaning you are never standing still for the damage buff.

That was only one idea, I'm using SWK WoL...
Yea that one Sunwukos was just a random thing i was doing but i have updated my gear and stil am super squishy and cant kill anything. any ideas?
The build looks fine so all I can think of is maybe you aren't punching every few seconds.
Dunno what to say. On paper everything looks fine. Currently rocking the build myself if you wanna compare gear.

Here's what I look like in action:

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