Torment 1 to 13.

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We all skip most of the torment levels. I don't remember the last time I was in Torment 4 to 8 at all.

Hit 70.
Gather legendaries, slap em on (Usually T1-3 as you go)
Get full 6 piece set off season bags
Jump into T10.

Instead of creating more "Levels" why don't we just condense them back into Torment 1-6? or 1-4? I have never experienced a game having 14 levels of difficulty (Soon to be 17). I believe it divides the community way too much, a problem which wasn't a thing in previous installments of the franchise. Overall I think it's a lazy way to keep up with the insane power we keep getting handed to us.
Because it's designed correct for new players.

Seasonal players may as well just start at Paragon 1000 with full sets.
I think what he's saying is, with 17 difficulty levels it will just add more fragmentation as players (especially new players) level up.

The people who don't jump directly to T10 and just crawl up one level at a time will be the ones who suffer, as there will be fewer people playing in each difficulty.
what exactly is it that is hurting or hindering you when we have 13 levels instead of just 4?
Hucka: Fragmentation.

Experienced players will hop to the highest difficulty rapidly, skipping most levels.
Newer players may not realize this and "Crawl" through the difficulty levels. Since there will soon be 17 difficulty levels, fragmentation will occur, people will get frustrated at a lack of people to play with and thus quit.

I would have preferred Blizz just retooling T1-T10 or even reducing difficulty to 6 levels as the OP suggested.
newer players arent crawling level by level right now, what makes you think this would change?

also why would someone who facerolls T13 want to be grouped with someone who struggles in T2?
Well I certainly can't speak for every player, that's true. Speaking for myself and friends though, we crawled through torment levels one by one when we started playing.
I've been telling this since the beginning of RoS.

My suggestion:
Normal - Remove this is such a faceroll difficulty even the newcomers laugh at this game
Hard - Remove/Merge
Expert - Merge with Hard .. make a difficulty where monsters hit like Expert but have HP between Hard - Expert
Master - Keep this is quite fine
Torment 1 - Remove | This is too easy for a level which benefits you all the loot
Torment 2 - Keep
Torment 3 - Remove | very small difference to T2
Torment 4 - Keep
Torment 5 - Remove | same reason as above
Torment 6 - Keep

Ideally this would be all if Blizz would remove all the powercreep we have got since RoS release.

So maybe 2 more levels ..
Torment 8
Torment 13

So we get:

Hard / Expert - Nice balanced slightly challenging for new comers
Master - More challenging for experienced players
Torment 2 - Good start difficulty for end game loot
Torment 4 - Once you master T2 you can step up for extra loot. The increase in difficulty would actually feel like something
Torment 6 - When your build is complete this is a place to hunt for upgrades
Torment 8 - When you got those upgrades you can again upgrade to more loot
Torment 13 - Final difficulty.

Each increase would actually have bigger impact on gameplay and might even require you to change builds to more defensive etc.

Of course these wouldn't work just like that and some adjustments would have to be done with monster HP and damage etc.

Though these changes would be kinda late and imo the bigger problem is the huge increase in power we get by finding new items.

IMO ideal system would be to start from for example Difficulty Torment 1 when you are level 70 and the ultimate last difficulty would be Torment 3.. your increase in power would be much smaller but yet so visible that you can do a bit higher difficulty.

This way a fresh 70 and more experienced wouldn't have so huge power gap and there would be more possibilities to play together and so on.
I actually think it's fine the way they are doing this, i.e., T1 - T13. The various tiers are incremental so it does help players who are leveling or testing fine-tune difficulties.

I don't disagree with the fragmentation issue though, but I think even if the new tier is re-adapted to T1 - T6 (for instance), there will still be fragmentation issues because most players will be concentrated at the final tier which is the most rewarding. Personally, I encounter such issues myself when playing my own toon which is not capable of doing the final tier and don't want to be a blatant leecher who can't contribute. xD

What I think could have alleviated the problem of fragmentation is actually to have a lobby system where the open games of varying difficulty/purpose are listed. It would make it alot easier for like-minded folks to find each other (regardless of how willing they are when it comes to typing in chat to LFG). The current LFG system simply doesn't assist players in advertising their interests.

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