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Demon Hunter
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Hmm what I'm doing wrong as my DH can do only 74? M6, check it here: (Hot pursuit is actually Steady Aim!!!)

Ok, too early Caldeanns but is there something else? The worst part is Hellfire as it has only 56% crit hit. I need to farm hell machines as the next patch makes them guaranteed. I have augmented 11/13.

As gameplay wise, I use 1-2 sentries to chill enemies and 3-4 sentries to take advantage from Zei's.

Perhaps I'm also a bit too durable as Toughness is somewhere at 214 M.
GR80 in both HC and SC with UE.

07/09/2016 12:58 AMPosted by Ruined
Hmm what I'm doing wrong as my DH can do only 74?

I'd drop Obsidian Ring for Convention and pick up CDR on your quiver. With Garwulf cubed you don't need 100% Vengeance uptime. With CDR on shoulders, quiver, helm gem, and paragon and Dawn cubed you'll have about 1 sec of downtime. That's fine. And you'll pick up a ton of DPS from having CoE.

And roll your gloves and restraint to crit damage. Crit damage > attack speed. And I'd use a non-ancient Focus that has both crits on it over your ancient one. And roll your belt to all res. All res >>> armor. And roll your helm to crit chance. You already have a lot of CA damage from Manti and boots, so 6 crit should come out ahead. And since you have cold damage on your bracers, go Maelstrom. If you want to use Shooting Stars, you'll need physical damage bracers.

That should get you started.
Thank you a lot! Very good points. I've been so obsessed with cooldown that I've been stuck with Obsidian for eternity. I'll give some suggestions a try.

E. Corrected my toughness 214M
All NS SC / EU

G97 Shi Mizu
G92 S2/M2

G80 @farmspeed 5-8 min

finally, saving all those good items is paying off. I should definitely empower my UE gear :-)
As I changed to convention I raised to 76 instantly. Will see if I can join this club on a later date.
80 on UE. haven't tried lately to go higher but confident i could.
Then I'm going to try to be first m6 to crack 80!
S6 is the first season for me. Did 80 yesterday with UE set using Gogok as my 3rd gem. EW.
07/08/2016 12:57 AMPosted by Desrame
95 HC - Shi Mizu Lon

ETA: Seasonal

This is insane!

They must be made of Titanium Steel!

07/08/2016 12:57 AMPosted by Desrame
95 HC - Shi Mizu Lon

ETA: Seasonal

Wow! And running at 25%- life all the time? in HC? Amazing, heheh
Up to GR85 SC seasonal with UE now :D

5x diamonds, 250 mil toughness even without vit on bow. Feels nice face-tanking Thunderstorm in an 85. 1700+ phys res too, that really helped for goats/unburied :) Still have trouble with reflect sometimes though, kinda wish I'd spec'd with some LoH on my bow or something. Having no fire secondaries certainly doesn't help either (I'm 3x physical, 2x lightning, 1x poison, 1x arcane). Oh well.

I can definitely do an 86. Maaaaaybe an 87 if I feel like fishing 100+ keys. But I don't think I do :P

Getting those secondaries to line up can be a real pain ;)
GR 80 on my nonseason SC.Pretty sure I can go higher. Just never really bothered.
Cleared 81 last night and placed myself for a first time on LB! Considering this is first ever season play for me, i guess this is super satisfying. Cleared it with EW set. UE Multishot :)
Ya man! 81 on seasonal EU. Ma no1 and only UE ;) did also 82 on LoN Thorns Frenzy Barb with 3agus but think you're not concerned in that :)

Started roll on dh this season, looong time ago played few hours on M6 but it was helltrapper era ;) anyways, I really enjoy UE it's just awesome :)

Peace Brothers
GR80 on EU seasonal with UE6 fire, looking for some upgrades to push onto 81 but falling short at the moment.
95 seasonal (LoN Shi Mizu). Haven't been able to go higher due to bad luck, will probably end it there for the season.
Cleared GR 84 UE

GR 97
Shi Mizu Lon

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