Premise for a Diablo Sequel

Lore and Story
Trag'Oul has flooded the world of Sanctuary and wiped out all of the Nephalem and Demons. His annoyance has grown watching the petty wars of men. The world of Sanctuary lies dormant for a few hundred years until the flood subsides and Trag'Oul breathes new life into the world. Artifacts and runes of great power lay scattered and forgotten.

Ancient evil lurks in the depths of the world waiting for a vessel. Civilization reforms itself, and two hundred years go by. The people of Sanctuary grow up completely unaware of the fate of their ancestors. Darius, a man of the new emerging civilization of Harrow's Reach, unearths an ancient Demonic book called the 'Black Book' while tilling his field. The book compels him to bring it home filling his head with whispers. He pours over the pages day and night for weeks being consumed by its tantalizing promises of power. Corruption enters his veins and he isolates himself from society. Darius starts to practice Necromancy and begins raising animals from the dead. His fellow townsfolk notice his disheveled, sunken eyes and the aura of death around him.

As time passes, his rituals become more fervorous. Darius starts to kidnap human sacrifices in the middle of the night to conduct more intense rituals. The voices in his head start to get to him, he begins to be driven mad with his desire for power. One night, on a full blood moon, Darius conducts his most deadly ritual yet. Six men, six women, and six children are sacrificed by being flayed alive with The Gibdinn and cutting their hearts out. Their hearts pile up in a bonfire as an offering to Darius' new master. Screams echo through the night. The townsfolk of Harrow's Reach wake from their slumber. Footsteps come crashing through the dim lit forest.

"Darius! What are you doing?" the Mayor of the town asks. A hiss of evil dispels from Darius' lips, "What I was always meant to do." More men arrive with pitch forks and torches, "Darius, leave this place, and never come back. You are no longer welcome here... If you ever set foot in this town again, you are a dead man." Darius smiles a devilish smile back at the Mayor, "We are all dead men walking." Darius turns and walks away into the night.

He seeks out the old artifacts used by the Prime Evils listed in the 'Black Book' and grows immensely in the demonic arts. Darius renames himself Abaddon in honor of his new master. His demonic presence creates a cult of followers who devote themselves to the Dark Lord Abaddon. They set out to acquire the artifacts of the Nephalem for their master. Blood is shed, towns are destroyed, and evil whispers in the ears of men. The denizens of this new world are forced to band together to prevent him from spreading his influence.

Countless stories are left to tell in this new universe since new factions will emerge that will vie for power against each other and the protectors of this new world. It would be almost like a blank slate earth waiting for its history to be written. There would be countless wars for power, ancient necromancers possessed by spirits of old, and new demonic creations under their master Abaddon. The open ended side of this, is that the Lords of Hell would not be the only ones vying for power in this new world. There would be factions of necromancers, assassins, mages, barbarians, engineers, etc. that would all be trying to gain power over one another. These new factions could essentially create a living, breathing world with countless adventures to go on.

I would fully be willing to write this, as I am currently working on scripts for other things that I plan to publish. And samples of my work can be rendered to show my writing expertise. I'm not sure what Blizzard already has in the works, but let me know what you guys think of this storyline for a Diablo sequel or Diablo themed MMO.

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