Queen Asylla and Lachdanan.

Lore and Story
Now I could read all of this wrong. However after the royal chambers of the manor house open up. I believe that Queen Asylla and Lachdanan had an love affair at some point before their deaths. What made me believe this was a hidden chamber in the royal chambers that has Lachdanan shield in it.

I believe this all started at some point when Leroic begin to slip into madness from Diablo trying to possess him. After Lachdanan was dispatch to westmatch with his knights. I believe it was Lazarus who exposed the affair to Leroic knowing that the king would brand his wife a traitor and have her killed as one.
That's a pretty interesting theory. That's probably a little too much for Blizzard's target audience though.

They died because Leoric turned into a bad guy and did bad things. That sounds more like Diablo 3.

On a related note, once upon a time there was going to be a witch doctor mojo modeled after Queen Asylla's head. They scrapped that and turned it into a funny cat.

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