Theory for Diablo 4 premise

Lore and Story

After RoS, new Nephalem began to appear in increasing numbesr and power, oppressing both Heaven and Hell. As a result, the Horadrim and original/more powerful Nephalem, took action, sealing off access to Sanctuary and imposing restrictions on the rest of humanity(only the Nephalem in control could effectively wield magic). This was originally done out of benevolence to preserve both Heaven and Hell (balance) and prevent humanity from destroying itself, but as the concurrent generations took up the mantle, benevolence turned to malice, and the Horadrims goals shifted from order to control. Tyrael, over the years, becomes desensitized, resulting in a willful blindness to the evils of the Nephalem born out of reluctance to act and a dying faith in humanity. He becomes nothing more that a puppet-head, with the unrestrained, corrupted Nephalem acting as a shadow government.

This results in a growing unrest in an oppressed society. While the majority of Nephalem have their powers repressed by the Horadrim, they are still Nephalem with latent powers. The forces of Heaven and Hell, after having restored much of their lost power decide to act by offering these Oppressed (Nephalem) a way to combat the dictating Nephalem: the borrowing of Demonic and Angelic powers.

So these Oppressed act as conduits for Angels and Demons, and you could draw your classes from there. The protagonists would start off as non-militant combatants using crude and unpracticed methods to fight. They are essentially slaves given power by Heaven and/or Hell. So for instance, you have a simple farmer who imbues creatures with demonic energies to create Hellish monsters or use the powers of Heaven to grant animal powers upon oneself. So each class would have two skill lines, one corresponding to either Angelic or Demonic powers.

The reasons for the conflict would be:

Heaven: senses Hells movement and requires Tyraels help to grant them access to Sanctuary once again in order to combat the demons. However, they cannot contact Tyrael because he is being controlled/fooled into thinking that Sanctuary and overall balance is maintained. Tyrael still has Loyalists within the Horadrim and is therefore still a significant power house.

Hell: desires to seduce the Oppressed into defeating their greatest threat (the Nephalem) and subsequently become an auxiliary force for hell

Diablo: Masterminded the whole thing. The first to acknowledge the threat of the Nephalem and so orchestrates RoS to turn both Heaven and Hell against them. In this chaos he fuels the fears of the Nephalem, tricking them in recreating the World Stone/creating an artificial World Stone. Once all three sides are exhausted from combat, Diablo takes World Stone and gg.

Then Trag'oul gets in trouble with the rest of his dragon friends, so he destroys Sanctuary Heaven and Hell to hide his mistake. The surviving humans, Angel and Demons than realize that there are others forces besides them.

Also the protagonists are guided by the spirit of Leah (unbeknownst to agents of both Heaven and Hell). Her spirit is tied to Diablo's. In order for her to truly die, Diablo must be cast into the fires of Mt.Doom.

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