cannot log into any blizzard game

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i live east coast and i checked my internet speed and im running at about 25mb/s and i try to log into diablo and have been for about 30 minutes now when my ping shot through the roof and i tried restarting my internet but now i can't even log into the game ... is anyone else having this issue
First step of troubleshooting is for you to do. Run windows update and verify no failed updates. Check motherboard site for driver / bios updates and verify all drivers up-to-date (video, audio, network, chipset). If using Discord, disable overlay or uninstall.

-- Tweak windows by adjusting advanced system settings, set to performance. (right click my computer or this pc then click properties)
-- Powercycle modem, router, computer.
-- Tweak by uninstalling network driver without reboot (removes QoS)
-- Set firewall program properties for Diablo 3 to "allow" instead of "filter"
-- Test by using wired internet connection instead of wireless / wifi.
Do you play WoW? Big 11GB patch for Legion hit. The p2p background download can kill a connection. I'd check your settings if you play WoW.

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