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Hey man, just read your comment in Reddit about Jade's DPS potential. I saw you added +Area Damage. Does this stat work with Jade? I thought it didnt trigger from the 2/6 pcs bonus. I would appreciate if you could share some light in this issue,

Thanks a lot!
From PaulNG's testing (albeit relatively old, it likely still functions the same):

2. Area Damage Mechanics

Several of the new items were not included in the Area Damage formula, will be fixed in a future patch (Patch 2.2).
Now that we understand the difficult DoT Mechanics, Area Damage is very simple.

1) Some WD skill (WD, not follower or pet) proc'ed AD on a mob? (fixed at 20% chance)
2) What's the damage of that WD skill that proc'ed AD?
3) The mob outputs exactly the %AD in the AOE around itself, but not on itself.

In my test (Timer 3:57 of the video proof), my basic Haunt damage was 25,516, sheet Area Damage was 50%, but it is almost impossible to see AD of 12,758. When the game calculates each sub-tick, it also determines (20% chance) if that sub-tick is going to proc AD. There are 8 sub-ticks for Locust and Haunt, each with only 20% chance to proc AD. Therefore, the AD will be small amounts of damage, but we will see AD proc'ed very often (8 tries within a tick), almost every tick.

Ideally, we want Soul Harvest to be the skill that procs AD, and all in a tight group of mobs :)
Yeah I read that too, but still want some confirmation that SH with Jade triggers AD. Since this set doesnt boost haunt or locust dmg, AD wont help much
07/13/2016 08:48 AMPosted by Caleb
but still want some confirmation that SH with Jade triggers AD. Since this set doesnt boost haunt or locust dmg, AD wont help much

If SH can proc AD (I think very likely), the AD stat on gear will be extremely helpful. To test and prove it, you will need to be able to record and play back frame by frame. I suggest you remove your weapon and mojo, and use Locust only (to keep the numbers low and easy to see). Always use Piranhado to cluster the mobs tightly before going in for the SH. Act 1 Weeping Hallow is an ideal place with lots of slow moving targets that you can easily group together.

Assuming that SH can proc AD, with 5 or more targets in a group, it is almost guaranteed that every SH will proc AD. So you will see your usual SH in white numbers, and a separate AOE of [SH Damage x (%AD/100)].

Example - %AD on gear and Paragon = 50%
Your SH does 1000 damage. The AD will be 500. If 2 mobs proc AD, you will see 1000. If 3 mobs proc AD, you will see 1500.

Therefore, if SH or Jade2 can proc AD, that stat on gear will be extremely good for Jade set.
Gonna try to test it tonight. My plan is to use Broken Promises instead of CoE and change all CC to CDR/AD( if it works, otherwise more mitigation). Then it would be BP, RoE and Endless Walk. My dream would be ditching EW for CoE and HF amulet tho



Thanks a lot man!

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