Classes/Builds that can tank RGs?

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Hi all. I played a hammer Crusader last season (6) and one thing I really enjoyed about it was the ability to tank rift guardians, even into the 80s. Most other classes/builds I've tried in the past or on PTR get one shot or close to it by rift guardians, and I really do not enjoy the game play of running for my life for 3-5 minutes at the end of Grifts.

Can anyone give me an idea of some other classes/builds that (a) are leaderboard viable and (b) can mostly or partially tank rift guardian damage?


Edit: Probably should have been more specific. Looking for a class other than Crusader, since I've played this class last season.
LoN Thorns barb can tank for days. Very hard and lengthy to gear though.
Invoker Crusader can
07/16/2016 01:57 PMPosted by GodofMagic
LoN Thorns barb can tank for days

yep this.

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