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Playing public games will cause you to encounter a lot of strange people for sure. In those regards I have compiled a short list of the different types I frequently meet.

The Spastic ADHD player
This guy have no time to spare, he never pickup anything not even progress orbs.It is all a race and one has to finish first Think he is L33T and that everybody stand in awe of his awesome skills. If you vault once he vaults 4 times. If you teleport he teleport until there is no more map anymore. Frequently seems like one of the buttons may have jammed on his keyboard and is stuck. The most frequent abuser is multishot Demon Hunters that just looks comical where he perpetually shoots and vault all over the place. "Luckily" any class have speed builds. So bell monk, teleport wizard,chicken witch doctor, Perma Steed bombard Crusader and Leap / whirlwind barb can all join in. Time waits for no one!!!!!!!!

The Beggar
The second you join a game he private messages you "can I have all your drops". Gets pissed if you do not concur. After all why not? Are you some sort of cheapo or what? Also frequently tries to open greater rifts in any game mode other than greater rift mode. Any other players are there to do his bidding. Get furious if he does not get it his way

The Leecher
Way underpowered, has not collected kanai's cube, have all yellow gear, Sir Dies Alot, joins anything but his capable difficulty. If you are super lucky you might get 3 of these in a public game. If you are even more lucky you get a mix of the beggar and the leecher all in one. When T13 is introduced prepare to see hoards of these players. Bounties will be a blast.

The Clueless
Rather high level player that has Caldesann on very badly rolled gear that is counterproductive to the set he is playing. Proud of his no discipline high damage Yangs recurve / Dead Mans legacy etc etc . Have skills and passives choices that make no sense whatsoever. Gems of a different class in sockets. Ruby gem in weapon of a thorn build crusader. If you ask him a question regarding his build he has no idea why you asked and what it is all about. He probably might not even know what game he is playing

The Foreigner
For some reason even though no one have letters from his alphabet in either names or characters he expect everybody to speak his non english language in every public game. There are two large offenders of this and I expect everybody know which countries they represent but the moderators will probably not like them being mentioned. Safe to say they are oblivious to the fact that anyone might live anywhere else than where they do. Engrlish? Wat u sai? I no understand?

Joins games and contribute nothing to the party except raising the player number by 1. Frequents bounties and wait for his inventory to be full before quitting. Teleports in for the rift guardian kill and goes back to being AFK. Do ubers by standing in town waiting for portals to be open. The polar opposite of the spastic ADHD player

The Botter
3000+ paragon player that if you are "lucky" enough to get him on your friends list you can see him being online for xx days doing rifts or greater rifts perpetually. Have a unhealthy amount of hours played but no desire to play. Never answers if you talk to him. Never log off. You will most likely only see life sign from him when he comes to the forum to complain that he got banned for "doing nothing" "I have never botted" "my friend got banned"

The Normal player
Join games and know what is up. Chitchats with players. Does what is expected and knows how the game and the mechanics work. No hassle. No pain. Only game.

The Clansman
Before you are done loading into the game you hear the ping of something being said in party. You get a clan invite. He keeps telling you to join his clan. He might play a game to spam even more about his great clan. More often though he leaves after sending clan invites to everyone in the party. Then joins another game and the circle starts again. He might not burn crosses in his back yard but he is not much better.

The Original G
Error 37, Enrage timers, brimstone, inferno, act 2 brickwall, reflect damage = death, legendary?, we doubled it, arent you greatful, "#¤& that loser, paragon?, smashing pots, butcher runs, auction house, nephalem valor, magic find gear, life steal...He has been a long for the ride and might have 2000-3000 hours played and "only" 500-600 paragon but you know what? He knows a thing or two about D3. Playes now and then

The Forum gamer
He found the true endgame of Diablo 3. The forums. Have XXXXX posts and probably xx hours played. You will never see him in game. Quit playing a long time ago, but still have a very vocal opinion about just about anything. Why he is here nobody knows.

The Solo player.
You will never see him. He plays solo. Blizzard hates him.

So what category would you put yourself in? and what is the absolute worst player to encounter?
Bravo! Found myself nodding in agreement and having the odd chuckle as I read each description.I'd just suggest adding a subcategory - Friend Of - as in Friend of Leecher, Friend of Beggar, Friend of Clueless;

This player might actually be a 'normal player' but his support for his friend prevents them from getting the kick they both deserve AND need, and thus he becomes at least as annoying as they are.

Me, personally? I think I'm the perfect combination of Leecher/Beggar/AFK/Clueless, I see my job as providing these crucial support roles so that three ' normal ' players can just roll on and do their stuff without trying to play a role they either don't have the builds for or don't know how to play properly. I take care of all that for them without complaining, but quite often I don't get thanked at all! I know! This community, sometimes I just SMH.
I always encounter the ADHD category and sometimes the AFK category. I almost never encounter the other ones.

When an ADHD category is in the game, it's impossible for Clueless, Beggar and Leecher to coexist. All they can do is die trying to follow the ADHD category.

I hate playing with the ADHD category. And they're always in your game. I always have to equip AW and Teleport to play with them.
Considering your compilation of archetypes (sans "normal" player) I have stuck to Solo.

If I were to join a pub game I'd probably end up in the "AFK" group because of constant real world interruptions and since that would suck for any prospective teammates...well, solo it is! :)
I'm half Forum Gamer, half Normal Gamer. Though I suspect everyone presumes their 'normal'. :D
Kek, nice compilation. But it includes one fault:
07/28/2016 02:40 PMPosted by SancticuS
The Normal player
Join games and know what is up. Chitchats with players. Does what is expected and knows how the game and the mechanics work. No hassle. No pain. Only game.
This is just a myth, an urban legend.
Great post OP, really got a chuckle out of it, especially this one:

07/28/2016 02:40 PMPosted by SancticuS
The Solo player.
You will never see him. He plays solo. Blizzard hates him.

As soon as I read that it brought up a memory of a line from a very old super hero,
"only "The Shadow" knows! " ;)
My brother is absolutely that ADHD player and he has ADHD in real life too.
I guess I fall under The Normal Player. Rarely the weakest in game, never the leech, knows how to play the game, plays enough to have enough.
I do plenty of solo because there's way too much load time in trying to find games that aren't in the 'hot' zone of the highest torment difficulty or if you aren't level 70 (Hardcore problems)
I used to be Normal. So much so that most of my friends list consisted of people I met in pub games. Now I'm more Solo than anything. It's good to be hated.
I am mostly solo because I have encountered most of those. Only time I play with others is if they are clan mates, or community joining/invites for rare 2.41 items (for instance found sir William yesterday and got some people in that channel to get their portrait too).
Nice. Quite amusing.
I guess I am the Solo Player with a touch of Forum Gamer so you will only see me here. :)
edit: I can now add clueless since I joined my very first Public game last night.
hahaha...I'm at The normal player and Solo player list...lol , btw u r right Op
I'm probably dangerously close to the spastic ADHD player when running rifts. I got more mats than I'll ever use, so I only pick legs and sets. It's indeed something very easy to accomplish with UE. However, I don't do it to be the 1337 showoff, but because I want to spend as little time as possible farming boring difficulties. For GRs, I'm the solo guy. I don't like running GRs with people. I'm also a forum player.
Fabulous post. You forgot the douchbag that joins GR and then just waits at entry until Rift guardian.
If you include GR, you would have some more categories:

*The ZDPS...

In GR games, he tends to start a GR higher than he can handle --- but he doesn't know. No sir! He gets carried all the time and leave the game when others can't carry his weight.

In GR games, they often leave the game if you do not "start" a GR in their desirable range.

*That dude
In GR games, they don't respond to what GR they want to do. They just decline. They don't communicate. They waste everyone's time.

*That clueless dude
He joins a GR game. Behold! He has no GR keystone and is wasting everyone's time!

*The other dude
In GR games, he can't predict anything. We're a full team of Paragon 500s? Let's shoot a GR 75! We're a team full of ZDPS? Let's shoot a GR 75! We're a team that can handle GR100+? Let's shoot a GR 75!
I am the solo player. Any other player would be the worst to encounter.
I'm a Clueless Solo Original G.
The rise of the Mobile Gamer.

A lot of people with right angles for necks.
OG CMWW wiz from back in the day
Would say I'm a mix of Solo, G, and Normal with a very slim Beggar percentage if I start a new class and play with a friend of the same. But that's more me understanding that if it's not useful to them, it could be to me, and a soul is a soul regardless of how it started.

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