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New Game Play Mode for a possible Game Expasion

Why i would vote with urgency ? Of course for Campaign Scaling Level Progression. Which part a lot of players stopped playing diablo ? After finishing the campaign history mode. What made from Diablo 2 a success ? A lot of campaign difficult mode. So create a Scaling Campaign Mode similar to Rifts. So i'm level 70 with paragon 1200 i will select Campaign Mode level 70-85. And give a different GRIND reward to be leveled up for each Campaign Mode played. What it could be ? It don't need to be more power or more damage or more defense or more health it just could be the possibility to make use of more combos. Would be interesting: a legendary power heritage or changing for other item or a gem which give more exp ; or a daily buff for something.

And make useful from rift scaling use on this new map to scale the monsters and difficult so the player will be playing without end in these campaign mode. It always will be dropping new itens and will face stronger monster based on scaling difficult system. (So a player into Campaign Difficult Level 50 will meet other players to help them to complete that campaign).

A second suggestion

-Use that abadoned wave map from rift scale to make other game play mode - waves from a lot of elites together start with 5 elite pack, increasing elite pack and difficult until the last player die scaled by torment. Fun for sure.

Final suggestion

-What would be a creative gameplay ? You allow players create a monster from Diablo 3, so to level up they have to kill players. But in this case would be a little more complex in this game mode you would have to allow 16 players+ to play to be fun (8 monster players vs 8 characters players).

Make use of one of them and let's be happy. Let the Blizzard innovate with mmorpg instead copying stuff already exist. Let's dominate the world with innovations.

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