HT Gargs RoE Will be Problem on Live

Witch Doctor
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Oh ya i forgot they even named a monster in game for all the hard work Anthony Evans did , well here's another one buddy have a kick in the nuts along with that......
Just sad. Blizzard fails again.
no, for real blizzard, go fuk urself, im done with this S.H.I.T.
And I bet we never hear about this change from a blue post ever.. Its set in stone now we live with it.. Oh wait no one on Diablo this season whatever could have happen?...
The RoE ring change was definitely intended to boost pets' damage at the beginning. Well, pets are the center of a WD build anyways (even for non-HT builds). Devs would be brain dead if they don't consider impacts on pet damage when they change something for WD.

Also, I remember there were suggestions that the ring was OP on PTR feedback forum more than 1 month ago. You could have changed it way earlier in the PTR, rather than hours before season starts, and after patch went live. If your deployment cycle is 2 weeks, there could have been plenty of cycles for you to include this regressive change in the PTR patch. People would have been more understanding that way.

Blizzard, you screwed up real big, no excuse.
WTF, I AM DONE!!!!!! Bring back the RoE!!!! >=(
Why the !@#$ did you not buff our other items then, to give us an alternative, like buffing tall man´s finger or buffing our pet runes and giving us control over them. Nothing changed at all. It´s the same %^-* build over again now. I was really looking forward to playing wd this season, but because of all the salty noobs who wanted this nerf, we are back to square one with no !@#$ing diversity at all. The 10 wds playing jade this season, can have fun. I am done.
I rarely post, but this really sucks. Was planning to try out WD this season but this gets nerfed. bad decision blizz
Came back for season 7 excited to play my witch doctor and now that idea has been quashed.
Surely blizz can see how viral this change is...... Bring it back at half the power IF YOU really must nerf it..
................ Well , Thx for broke the planification blizzard.
A P200 professional destroyed the season.
08/04/2016 11:45 PMPosted by Cloud
A P200 professional destroyed the season.

He has 1000 paragon levels in HC...
Aw man, this suxx! I was so looking forward to play a more active pet build for once :(
This thread is just going to get locked by a do gooding mod soon. This sucks to hell

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