Diablo 4 Prime Evil

Lore and Story
Now that Malthael has released the Prime Evil Diablo, I was thinking earlier how cool of a concept this could turn out to be. While the form rematerializes, Diablo can't control the other Evils within himself and they begin to manifest themselves both in personality and physical form, turning the Prime Evil into a constantly changing form struggling with itself internally. I think this would be a really cool way of giving people what they want by having the old Evils resurface in the story without having to split the Prime Evil and continuing toward the ultimate goal of the revival of Tathamet. What do you guys think? Sorry if this is an old idea, I just sort of thought about it today and decided to share.
It's called Ultimate Evil Edition when you purchase the expansion on consoles. Perhaps Terror is a title unworthy of something that powerful. In Goetia the title Lord of Desolation is reserved for the ruler of the Hells.
Diablo 4 is still controvertial, but the return of the prime evils like Mephisto and Baal would be amazing,I believe that it should continue the story line, where Lorath is the new Deckard Cain in a sense, and in a future update or comformation, the return of the necomancer class would be appreciated, along with Blizzard North's influence on the first 2 games, the medieval horror type game.

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