Which class are you rolling in Season 7?

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Patch 2.4.2 will be launching very soon(™), and Season 7 will begin shortly after on August 5. We've been keeping busy by preparing our characters, clearing out our non-Seasonal stash, and planning our first night rush to 70!

So how about you? Which class do you plan to kick off Season 7 with? Sticking with your favorite class, or are you rolling something new? Will you be grouping up with friends or going it solo?

We'd love to hear what you have planned for Season 7!
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Since you guys made the moronic decision to gate stash space behind seasons.
I'll get the stash tab as quick as possible and then quit. While hating every second of it.

Edit: Now that I thought about it a little more. I don't think even stash space is enough to get me to play the failure that is seasons.
If I actually play S7, probably a witch doctor.

Mostly solo, will group for the stash requirements that are a PITA solo.
Nothing. skipping this season because Blizzard is nothing but a bunch of r.e.t.a.r.d.s.
I'll play a wizard. Don't play them enough. Then I'll go pet farming.
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I dont play season, because I dont like it when I get forced to play it if i want an extra stash tab.
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Skipping this round. Dangling carrot strikes again.
WD relunctantly because our devs destroyed monk with the last change.

And why wouldn't they, Garg WD might've had competition if it werent for that monk nerf.


Nev not yelling at you, I know you're just the messenger but could you perhaps bring our message to the devs?


I just wrote a thread about Ring of Emptiness-

I know what I won't be rolling:

Spike Trap DH
FotH Crusader
ET/Firebird Wizard
Start with DH in HC for the season journey. When I am done, probably wiz in both SC and HC for fun.
As always, Sadie.
I play Barb. But you made a broken Waste set as the gift for Barbs. Waste will never be able to complete all of the season journey in its current state. Will be like running Nascar on a bigwheel. Unless you are strapped to a real cars bumper, you lost before you started.

Hey Nev, is the the kind of positive feedback you were expecting?
Leaning towards WD. But I keep considering DH instead.
WD 100% solo
havn't really cleaned my stash at all just taking advantage of the FB bug, lvling gems getting paragon, cuz I'll probly never see a gr90 ever again, or atleast never be able to plow thru like we can now.

probly gonna take a break after the season 7 journey, really be no reason to play after that.
I`ll just re-birth one of my toons (forcefully) to get the stash tab and back to non seasons as I always do.
I would have played WW barb if you actually had buffed the WotW sets to make it able to compete with other builds - but you didn't although the playerbase is asking for a WotW or BK swords buff since the last 3 seasons.

So plz do something about it in the next patch.

Leaning towards the witch doctor. I'll party with random people in rifts on hard mode to get to 70 then its off to the GR race!
Absolutely no idea yet. I have a couple of most classes already except barb. I need the new pet though so have to at least finish Seasons Journey on something.

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