Which class are you rolling in Season 7?

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Anything but WD lol wtf is that hotfix man.
NOT witch doctor.
07/27/2016 01:32 PMPosted by Nevalistis
Patch 2.4.2 will be launching very soon(™), and Season 7 will begin shortly after [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/20187365#faq"]on August 5[/url]. We've been keeping busy by preparing our characters, clearing out our [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/20167107/season-6-ending-soon-7-8-2016#rollover"]non-Seasonal stash[/url], and planning our first night rush to 70!

So how about you? Which class do you plan to kick off Season 7 with? Sticking with your favorite class, or are you rolling something new? Will you be grouping up with friends or going it solo?

We'd love to hear what you have planned for Season 7!

I stopped playing this game because you guys gated stash space.
Same old boring WW Barb and an Invoker Crusader for the easy set dungeon completion.
WD in part because they got buffed, even when taking the hotfix into account, and also because I rarely play WD.

I'm hyped for season debut, as always.
I was going to do WD till the hotbreak.
Was going to be WD - but some idiot nerfed that into oblivion :(

Played every season to date as Wiz/DH/Barb, this season I will not be as the changes are a joke. There is no reason to start a new season based on what has been changed/updated. Blizzard still won in the end because I bought Overwatch and started paying for WoW again.
UE DH again, mostly solo since they are not wanted in groups. Grab stash tab then I'm probably out.

Not happy with the nerf to Wolf plus it's impossible to run in high groups with a UE outcast. I got on LBs the last couple of seasons but I'm not sure I'm up to pushing solo for gem upgrades again.

I wanted to run WD HT or Zuni for a change after getting stash with DH, but that is probably not going to happen. It would have been nice to run in groups with DPS.

Totally bored now so this season will be rough going for me, especially running mainly solo...not always by choice.
Was going to be WD, but after the nerf it's going to be DH. Of the classes I most play, UE-DH looks like the fastest to the stash tab and out.
After the RoE nerf was announced, it would seem that EVERYONE was going to play a Witch Doctor!

What a bizarre and totally orchestrated coincidence.
no class. not playing this season after wd roe change. the one time i was hoping for a summoning class to be great.. and its gone. not a fan of playing the same stale builds for the other 5 classes again.
was going for WD as always or Wizz, but now i dont know... maybe nothing
08/05/2016 11:39 AMPosted by redbull
i was hyped to play WD until the last minute nerf. Now i can torn between monk or DH for season 7. I mainly solo most of the time. Which class can help me get my stash the fastest?

My UE Demon Hunter and HT-Garg Witch Doc are fairly comparable, and I can clear content up to GR68 faster with the DH. I haven't gotten past 68 with HT (75 with UE), so don't know how things change at higher GR. Even after the Wolf nerf, I can still clear faster with UE DH.

As my goal is to get the stash ASAP and bail from S7, due to the RoE nerf I'm betting on UE DH
It is August 5th why can't we get on the seasonal game yet? I have been trying all day. It said its suppose to start today.
EP Monk all the way! Micheal Bay style....EXPLOSIONS!!!!! Last season I played was....3 (salty).
Playing D2.....
Annnd.. objective checked for this start :)
Didn't last for more than 20min, and not a podium this season.. but still satisfying :p
leveling wizzard with the etched sigil was fun af :D
Things really didn't go as planned, none of the items I wanted to get.. This one was the top of my stuff !
Disintegrate/frost orb rushes pawa !

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