Relax, this will be fixed next patch...

There has been a horrendous bug that they've been working to fix since the debut of D3. Every time they think they killed it, it rears it's ugly head. I'm talking about that pesky build freedom. I for one can't wait for them to assign us individual character builds which we must adhere to.

Perhaps a bit dramatic but the butthurt we've endured as wiz players with the constant nerfing and viable build gutting is just insane. When they killed Critical Mass, they claimed that they wanted to open up new builds, but they do so by destroying mechanics to twist the gameplay into the direction that they think will be more fun for us. Grinding sucks as it is. I don't want to start the grind all over again for a different set just to have that build useless come next patch. GG D3 community.
LON wizard was their solution, there is build diversity, just not every build holds its own in high GR or group gameplay.

Main problem is lack of items that support every skill or more items for ones that already enhance a certain skill.

I dont even care what the go to build is anymore, i mainly play LON wiz, try for yourself. Its a lot more fun
They have not been able to fix wizards for years. How do you think they will fix it next patch? lol!

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