WOW, can't even log in to game. DDoS attacks

I get to the point where I enter my password, and it times out..
Damn DDoS attacks!

You can see worldwide Attacks here:
Wait to play until the issue resolves. A clanmate lost a great DH.
Yeah, don't even bother trying. Lost my crusader 30 seconds into her first T13 rift right as the DDoS attacks began. If I had just waited to play a few minutes later, I would have been fine, would have seen the messages and not even logged on. Any time something like this is going on, steer clear of hardcore for several hours at least.
No wonder more people don't play Hardcore mode. A new patch launches, eager Hardcore players jump into their first Torment 13 rift, and then get hit with error code 3007 -- disconnected -- minutes later. That's a great way to send off a Seasonal character you've bonded with over the last three months... not.

RIP fallen heroes. I likely would have lost either my Monk or Demon Hunter were it not for the fact that I got sick and tired of waiting for the patch to launch. Honestly, it makes me rethink whether I should bother playing Season 7 on day-one, given that there might be another conveniently timed DDoS attack.
Fetching encoding table... (Installing required files 50+ MB.)

Thought I'd open up the client, but looks like some files are needed.
I would assume for the latest patch.

I wouldn't mind trying out the new features before Season 7 begins.
Not sure if I want to Rebirth my Barbarian.
You enter password? Abuse the app man.

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