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I missed out on the first 6 seasons and now im looking to get into this thing as much as possible. this brought a few questions to mind:

1: Is the season armor account bound?
If I earn season armor on a hardcore character and it dies, will it be lost forever? will my non hardcore character have access to it after season ends?

2: Can I earn more than one of the season sets?
The wording on the season 7 preview made me think I had to choose which one I wanted because I can only try for one. Could this be because it is so time consuming to earn one that it would be too hard to get 2 of them?

3: Would you consider it wise to play this season with a focus on Hardcore?
I love hardcore even though I mostly play regular. This season I would like to play hardcore, but Im afraid of it ending up being a waste of time and being unable to actually earn an armor set because of a chaacter death. I understand the risks in hardcore of course, but the season stuff is very appealing to me. So i ask, should I just go for it?

Thanks in advanced!
1. If the Haedrig's gift armor is on your HC when it dies, yes you will lose it. Always keep a back up set of gear.

2. No, you can't get the Gift armor on more than one character. You can get other sets the standard way though in T1 or higher games, from Kadala, or through the cube.

3. Totally up to you. Yes, there are risks. If you are super worried just earn the set on Softcore.
1. If you die on Hardcore, all the items you have equipped or that's in your inventory at the time is gone to the abyss; however, items in your Stash stays.

2. You can only get one set through the Season Journey -- as in through Haedrig's Gifts. The idea is to choose a character that you think you'll 'main' or farm a lot with first. Once you have an 'established' character, getting items for other characters becomes easier since you have higher Paragon, can obtain more shards for Kadala, etc. Once you get rolling, it really isn't that difficult to start picking up other set pieces. On SC, I already almost have a full set of Sunwuko's for my Monk in addition to the 6pc Raiment set you get from the Haedrig's Gifts.

3. If you have the time, I don't see why not. It can certainly be frustrating to lose a HC character, but it can be a rewarding process. I personally haven't dived into HC for D3 (just returned last season on this account), but I might eventually. You do keep your Paragon when you die, by the way.

Crusader is generally a solid first choice for getting the feel for HC.

You will get two pieces of set gear in an internal mail message after each of these Season Journey Chapters: 2, 3, and 4. HOWEVER: which set the items come from depends on what character you are in when you open the mail message.

So, for example, I'm playing DH up through the end of Season Journey Chapter 4 because that's all I've ever played and I know how to get where I'm going with it. I have a feeling I will switch to Monk after that. There is a legendary gem called Gem of Ease. If you level it up to 25 you can put it into any level weapon and use it from level one. So, you can level up a new character pretty quickly, within a few hours or less.

Point is (sorry) if I'm in the Monk character when I open the mail messages from Haedrig, I'll get the Monk set items. I'll get to learn something new. If I'm in the DH character when I open the mail messages from Haedrig I'll get the set items for the Demon Hunter.

If you play more than one character you can good up your set if you open them right away and then switch. Hope that makes sense!

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