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Game is unplayable for the last 3 hrs, I can play overwatch with no problems so its not at my end......
same here. Every other game, website, app on my pc runs fine. tested my connection several times everything is perfectly fine. It is just diablo 3 that is lagged super bad. My friends are having same problem, so is my brother and he lives in a different city than i do so....
Friday night, most of Saturday and Sunday....very laggy....

Since the game started....where have you guys been?

If lag is a problem, play at 2 am on weekdays. Problem solved.
just because you lag doesnt mean its the internet.

Check your gpu and cpu temp while playing.
johnny, I wish your dads used a rubber on the night you were conceived...

look at the other posts about excessive lag genius.

It isn't isolated. I am having same lag... only in D3. my steam games and ANY non-blizzard game (I only play d3) are fine.... so gee, what does that tell you? Maybe my temps get too high while traversing the burning hells? Maybe diablo should have central air installed.

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