Why are we forced to play seasons?

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I play season because there are more people. Last week I thought I would do a few pubs on non season because I was frustrated with how bad my WW barb was doing in seasons. There were only 3 people in greater rift games. After about 5 minutes I finally got a full group. Everyone was p400-500 except me. I carried them on a 75 and to my surprise it was a leaderboard clear, rank 800 something. I laughed and went back to season.
I only play seasons if there is a cosmetic reward available that I want, otherwise I don't even bother. Stash management has become so second nature that I have more space than I need. I get why people play seasons, but I don't feel like investing more time than I have to into something that is going to end in a few months (especially when most of the year I play a minimal amount). Most of the people I know DO only play for the stash tab, but will switch between NS/S based on who is playing because they have that option. It's whatever; play how you like.
For fun and patches.
So you complete a set dungeon otherwise that 3 day programing time is wasted as no one would do them.
08/15/2016 12:38 PMPosted by nvvr
Because people like starting over. Non seasonal endgame is just paragon levels..

I despise starting over. I've never played seasons, never will.
No one is forcing anyone.

I used to be stubborn too and only play NS. Then everyone in my list played season, so I did too. Did i feel forced? No. Was there a Gun to my head? No. Its a matter of playing with friends. The essense of fun i. playing games is with friends (iRL or IG). Its 2016, solo games are dead.
08/15/2016 12:42 PMPosted by Pyrius
For the challenge of leveling a new toon without NOTHING OP. It's not just the stash tab
at all, having to earn it all from scratch is the challenge. Maybe some do not see that
but thats the point. Forget leader boards...I ain't even gonna bother

What challenge? A blind monkey could level a character in seasons. Hell they give you a set just for showing up. It's inconvenient, and boring but certainly not challenging. The problem is you have to waste time doing absurd things instead of playing the game in the mode that's fun for you.
Don't like competing vs 4000 paragon people on ns? Play season. Don't have time to compete on season? Play non season casually. Want to be top 10 ranked on non season? Out in the time. Cant put in the time? Don't cry about it on the forums. Suck it up and move on with your life.

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