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I have thought about this so many times since day one, I am sure i'm not the only person who has attributed my melancholic love of Diablo 3 to it's hits and misses with Diablo 2's genius, the Nephalem proving ground last night was again giving me those same vibes.

In this case we have a beautiful open area only the size of what should be a room, that looks like a glorious courtyard on a mountaintop castle, over the back you can clearly see it's in Westmarch, then in the foreground there are these amazing aqueduct-ed falls going over the mountain through these beautiful statues. I'm normally in this map for no longer than 20 seconds then out... today taking time thanks to a bunch of lag, I am reminded what is missing for me.

It is always sad to see this amazing place used for naught but a little side mission or dungeon.

Diablo 2 and Diablo 1 before it, mastered this amazing open square map, while Diablo 3 did this, there is always far too much time running through these passages. The passages don't even have places where you, traverse up and down and through, it's just an extended hallway which would be better off for the game to ignore. The same sadness occurs when running through these caves, it's because every single one feels like exploring the insides of a dead worm, pardon the pun, whereas if you are in 'Diablo 1 - Caves' the exploration of every corner of this open map while that crackle of magma demons echoes around was stunning.

Then you have this amazing Westmarch Proving ground, and you think back to 'Diablo 1 - Cathedral' and 'Diablo 2 - Travincal' these are the best maps that have ever been done as far as I am concerned. If only Diablo 3 had utilized more of these epic tile sets for large open areas and used less of those tunnels, at least the exploration part would have been more epic.

N.B: I understand that this was almost certainly maps that are moved from the PvP that could have been, but it's really sad to know that this tile set could have been a big open expanse as a part of the story or adventure mode, because it is damned glorious to see.

image: Nephalem Proving Grounds
I was in the proven grounds just a half hour ago. What is the point of that area? To test out your skills? Iam not sure what it is for. Is it for PVP?
It is not for PvP - they only recently added it for the Bounties.
Though due to it's unique design and the fact it looks alot like the Original PvP demo's (competitive PvP was scrapped) i'd say they just recycled them. Some of those proving grounds look great though, would have made decent maps if greatly expanded.

there is some videos of the scrapped PvP here:

D3 as a whole has too many point to point maps. Gimme dem big open square areas all day.

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