Here it is. Long awaited, always coveted and occasionally misspelled...

September Ferawesomnality!

Leave a message after the beep. Rules to follow...

1. Marmoset: Frozen in carbonite these past 18 months he was reawakened by a desire to procrastinate

Current level of Awesomeness: 7/10

Marmo Set Bonus
: +5 to Charisma

2. Cylant
We just stepped into the wayyyyyback machine! Are we in 1985 doc?

Good to have you back broski :)
haha, good to be back - don't know who all is left of the old MFAN days but I will be happy if we get to ten!
I frequent the Dustbowl Brewery in Turlock, CA and often fill growlers. They have the little 'club card' where you get stamps for each time you get your growler filled, stamps 9 and 10 being half off.

I'm now to stamps 9 and 10. So with that, I am nearly fully charged.

Current level of beerness: 8/10 (soon to be fully charged)
That's a full +10 to both Celebrate and Good Times. All cooldowns reduced to zero for one weekend.
Who is this ancient marsupial that beckons us?
First Sherwin brings back the 'So you think you're a _______' threads. . .
(which are awesome)

Now Ferawsomnality is back! I'm pumped!

I'm suddenly feeling all old school. Maybe I will break out my Doug E. Fresh and Fat Boys cassette tapes!

Hell Ya! 6 minutes. . .6 minutes. . .6 minutes Marmoset you're on. . .o-o-on. . .o-o-on. . .

For all you young'uns that did not experience the awesome flavor of 80's rap. . .here you go:
Oh look fellas. . .we got ourselves a hater.

Reporting posts for no reason. . .and down voting every thread.

Ferawesomnality threads can not be stopped. . .hell, they can't even be contained.

Not even by bitter little people with unsatisfying sex lives.
Really missed these weird MFAN threads!

Keep 'em coming marmofett!
09/02/2016 03:15 AMPosted by BobWitchDR
Current level of beerness: 8/10 (soon to be fully charged)
09/03/2016 07:45 PMPosted by WhiteOwl
Oh look fellas. . .we got ourselves a hater.

Haters gonna hate a MoFo. It's okay, we really don't care.
Great to have the marmoset back! Welcome back, my friend!
AWWWWWWWWW YEAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You missed the E as always marmofo.


I want a set bonus, too!
Marmofo, I"m feeling seriously let down right now. Give us more MFAN!!!
09/15/2016 11:33 AMPosted by Swisha

Ok, I tried it. At least we know what happened to Marmofo, look at this:

This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.
It was just a tease by Marmofo :(
Makes me wish that I'd gotten his email address, I could have spam emailed him this thread link every day until he actually gave us our MFAN.

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