I just lost my Hardcore Barbarian because of your DDOS attacks and I think it's pretty unfair. It was literally completely out of my hands to control what just happened and I'm pretty mad/salty about it. BRING HIM BACK TO LIFE!!!!!!!!!
+1, same for me.
Same. This is the second hero I lost this way. Blizzard needs to come up with a better damage calculation method during a DoSS client disconnection attack. My WD was killed by trash mobs with uber pets out. I normally watch TV and walk through that whole zone without ever hitting a button and never taking any damage. Client disconnect and instant death at full health? Really? I expect better from Blizzard given how old this game is.

You should put an in game message similar to the server coming down message to warn us about DoSS attacks. Telling me in the battlenet splash screen is pretty useless when you are playing. Given the difference in time between this post and my Character's death, if I was warned, I would have changed over to regular play.
Just lost my second hardcore character that i worked hard on to a DDoS attack. Feels good to know how little blizzard cares about hardcore players.
Well, look at the bright side... um, tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny day! That's excellent weather for golfing, gardening, or flying kites. I know, I know... you're probably concerned about lightning strikes, uncovering a subterranean society of mole-people, and power lines... but those are the joys of life. Your life. Not the life deprived from your Hardcore hero, who is probably Rock Worm food. Try not to think about that.

Look, I have lost toons to stupidity before and normally don't stress too much, it is after all Hardcore.
But when you are in the doorway between rift levels and there are no enemy and you get a DC only to find you toon is RIP.

Now I know why a lot of people I know have gone back to SC.

If it is truly a DOS attack, then Bliz should be able to tell it was disconnected from their server and not a death in game. I don't really care about the equip, but levelling the gems.
And I am sorry, but the message says to follow Blizzard on Twitter for updates.

I don't have a twitter account. wtf?
I stop playing this game for months. Just got back on and started again...then this. This is why I left in the first place. ADD A !@#$ING DC TIMING! HOLY %^-*. I don't mind losing a char over me being stupid, but holy !@#$ Blizzard. I'm done for another few month unless they fix this %^-*.
Yeah I'm done too. I don't even have a rip screenshot in my D3 folder. Dying because Blizzard is getting ddos'ed is just too much for me.
Happend to my yesterday and it was truly out of my hands.! BLIZZARD WTF is going on we all spend so many hours and you treat us like $hit!!!!! BRING OUR CHARS BACK TO LIFE!!!! THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!!
Look at all the special little snowflakes being triggered today!
Such delicious tears.

It should be a mandatory requirement that a player be literate before playing hardcore.
(whut? Learn how to read the hardcore death waiver before playing)

The world owes you special little snowflakes NOTHING!
Nor does customer service at Blizz for a dead HC character.

Got it?

And btw, who in the burning hells would even think that this crap thread is even remotely worthy of being stickied? What a completed joke.
Are you guys all new to HC? I mean, I guess you must be. Look, here is the deal.

Remember when you made your HC character? There is a box that comes up that says "we will not revive your character for any reason" or something like that. You have to check that box to make one. Any reason means ANY reason*. Including fire, flood, wind, kid unplugging your keyboard, Bilzz employee coming to your house and unplugging your computer, spilling your cool-aid on your keyboard and... DDOS attacks. Any reason.

We all die to DC at some point. Every single person that plays HC. You know what we do? We reroll and come back stronger. Or SC ------------>

*Does not apply if your name is Quinn69. Then you get a rollback because you are a special snowflake. (yes, I am still salty about it)
Your serious, a HC player actually got a rollback. wtf.
Quinn got a rollback?
08/31/2016 02:21 PMPosted by Mlenk
Quinn got a rollback?

Quin was invited by Blizz to play on their machines and showcase his talent.
Due to a failure on their machines Quin's character died and they decided to roll it back.
08/31/2016 03:52 PMPosted by SubRosa
08/31/2016 02:21 PMPosted by Mlenk
Quinn got a rollback?

Quin was invited by Blizz to play on their machines and showcase his talent.
Due to a failure on their machines Quin's character died and they decided to roll it back.

He is not the only one who got revived. Other players dying to odd bugs also got revived.

If anyone would actually care, they could simply add a mechanism against DC. It's not hard to implement.Really.

But you already paid for the game. Why would they bother making such improvements free of charge?
OP, your barb was only plvl180 and had shiite gear. Quit now, before you lose a fully ancient geared toon with hundreds of hours played on it. You might hurt someone then.
I try to keep a similar SC character for any HC characters I run before doing anything stressful. (It's a test run character to make sure my connection is fine).

The char died on T6, so I decided not to push my luck on HC (where I just completed grift 75).

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