we need T14-T15

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08/25/2016 01:42 AMPosted by FusRoDah
For the love of God don't listen to these fools or we will end up with torment freaking 100 and complete in 2 min for stash slot. Face it you get the top end gear you are supposed to kill everything instant. If you want a challenge do it in rares without the op set bonus crap of 3400 percent more damage.

Maybe in accordance with OP's suggestion, but not scalable difficulty. TY's (Y is a variable, in this case) difficulty is subjective after a certain point. But if you can adjust that to something higher than (GR60), you should reap the benefits...otherwise you're forced into running GRs. Not every player wants to run something menial; challenge provides a more enriched gameplay after a certain point. T13 is cool if you're playing a season very casually, it gives you something to aspire to. If you are routinely running 85s on a character, you probably want to challenge yourself while playing rifts, getting more mats/keys, and allowing yourself to gear more quickly after you, otherwise, plateau. The current difficulty runs stale for a lot of people.
We have enough freaking torment levels as it is.

A Rift you can scale like a Grift would be a better solution. Still that is going to make pub games that much more difficult.
08/25/2016 01:41 AMPosted by ButteryNub
Scalable difficulty is the answer. If clearing a torment equal to 85 gives me 8 keys...let me do it.

Forget 1-13 or 14/15, let me choose. Normal through T6 are good for character progression in the broad sense, but once your character can push 90+, they seem laughable. If we have a slider to adjust difficulty, Adventure mode no longer becomes trivial.

exactly what i mean! and it is also real hit on boters, if i can farm 8 keys and 30-40 mats per run on torment level equal to GR85-90, boters who farm T10 24x7 will not have advantage over me.
From what we have now T13 = Gr 60 . Every 5 grift lvls it is a new torment level . If they add more toement levels , for a Gr 85 equivalent we whould need TXVIII/T18 ( TXIX/T19 for grift 90 ) .

From the unused icons of Torment lvls we have , it seems devs had thoughts of Torment till TXVI/T16 ( Grift 75 equivalent ) . When and IF they are going to implement them it is not certain .

TXIII was a nice change on the difficulty that made grifts - farming more challenging , ofc it may still seem easy for players farming grift lvl 85 + , but for less active-competative players it is a nice challenge .

Rifts equivalent to grift 85-90 .....hmmm i don't think i whould ever use those difficulty options ^^ ,not that skilled-geared yet .
08/24/2016 07:15 PMPosted by ArchMage
those heroes in your profile though...
Check EU ∩ •́ヮ•̀)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚MAGIC*
08/24/2016 07:00 PMPosted by Alec
please add T14-T15 in next season 8.

i hope 14-16 in next patch :D
I agree something challenging added would be nice. Current sets/gear ceilings are definitely ~GRift 70+ in less than ~4minutes. So we would need T15+.

But you are talking to the wrong crowd here. I tried to encourage peeps to use Nemesis more in T13 and was down-voted into oblivion. Too many super casuals lurking on the boards these days.
08/25/2016 01:17 AMPosted by Aspirine
But why? Even more mats and keys? There is going to be a problem with XP in rifts that high compared to Greater rifts in that case, another problem for Blizz to fix then?
I'd rather see some new nice ideas instead of adding T- levels.
What problem? GRifts are nothing special. You still get to do them for leaderboards. Let those who don't care about racing a clock get challenging content.
While you are right in that harder difficulties are needed. We don't need more, we need less or a better system to choose from.

Bit considering the laziness of the development team we will most likely end up with just T14-20.
13 types of torment.


verb (used with object)
to afflict with great bodily or mental suffering; pain:
to be tormented with violent headaches.
to worry or annoy excessively:
to torment one with questions.
to throw into commotion; stir up; disturb.

"speed T13" = best build(best stats) + 900 Paragon+ + Gems Lvl 90+

does the same, with : 400 paragon, gear deficient, gems Lvl 25.

I do think they should have just went to T15 honestly.

T13 is quite random... I run nearly as fast solo 70s, as I do 60s...
T15 would be fine. Don't see why all the downvotes. I mean if my heroes struggle in TX, like some of them do, I just lower the difficulty to VIII or similar. A problem?
Try posting on your real account doing T13 in 2-3 minutes solo
08/25/2016 11:03 AMPosted by Shadow
Try posting on your real account doing T13 in 2-3 minutes solo

As KadaverjunkY said :

Check EU ∩ •́ヮ•̀)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚MAGIC*

His/her main heroes are located on the EU servers .

As for wether he/she can do it at that time , well a video submitted by the OP may prove it or not .
Goblins are starting to escape on some class builds now on t13, no thanks .
08/25/2016 05:28 AMPosted by ActionJunkie
But you are talking to the wrong crowd here. I tried to encourage peeps to use Nemesis more in T13 and was down-voted into oblivion. Too many super casuals lurking on the boards these days.

ye, that seems to me that voting people really cannot farm t13 fast.

08/25/2016 11:03 AMPosted by Shadow
Try posting on your real account doing T13 in 2-3 minutes solo

less than 3mins solo t13, not all slots ancient and caldesanned:

Dear developers. Please nerf archon - a terrible gameplay for T13. Repair Wizard class. And then do make any hijacking levels.
08/24/2016 11:19 PMPosted by Alec
If my gear allows me to close T13 rift with the same time as T10, why should I play T10, right?
if you cannot play t13 so fast as t10 - that's your problem, lvl up, put caldesanns into your gear, find ancient items, etc.
Actually, it's everyone's problem.

The fact that you can run T13 in roughly the same time as T10 this early into the season, and generally without augments or ancient gear means that both T11 and T12 are utter failures. Additionally, it means that devs can't balance out new difficulties properly.

And like all the previous seasons, the majority of the XP still comes from GRifts. T13 just allows easier key farming and material farming. T11-13 completely and utterly wasn't necessary. Adding a Greater Rift Key Goblin would have accomplished virtually the same thing.

Lastly, the game needs to have less difficulty options, not more of them. Who plays on T7? T4? T9? Answer: nobody. They should be consolidated, and have more a jump in difficulty. Moving up a Torment level should mean something. Unfortunately, in today's game, it doesn't.
08/24/2016 07:00 PMPosted by Alec
indeed, T13 - just 2-3 minutes in solo, in good party it is ~2mins, so for end-game and fully caldesanned heroes T13 is pretty simple, please add T14-T15 in next season 8.

Torments aren't balanced for having fully caldesanned heroes.
Adding all the torment levels you want will not fix the problems. It will always be tied to endless greater rifts and the power growth they do every season so that season can hit higher GRs than the season before. The torment system as a whole needs a rework so that 90% of the game isn't borderline useless or feels like an endless painful slog when you're forced to do it so you can do that 10% where you actually feel challenged.

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