Multishot shoots wrong way after vault

Bug Report
If you were to be spraying down a group of mobs with multishot and need to kite back with vault for the extra yards to increase your damage with zei's stone it wastes a multishot if you don't wait about half a second to fire. If you have your mouse pointed towards the mobs and spraying them down then vault the opposite direction and have your mouse pointing ANYHWERE to shoot multishot it will no matter what shoot multishot in the direction of your vault first before turning to shoot the other mobs where your mouse is pointed. Now I know this isn't HUGE because you can just wait that half second and you'll be fine to fire but it still waits some dps and could burn up a bit of hatred which could be used to kill the mobs.
For some reason, this season when playing DH in a group, my vault and multishot quite often fire in a direction opposite (or at least not close to) the mouse pointer. This makes controlling combat almost impossible (and have caused multiple deaths). I think there are some (server) lag issues, probably with the very fast attack rate of multishot now.

I've mostly been playing with monks and WDs when this is happening, so just the overall amount of effects on screen might also be a factor (although my PC is nowhere near underpowered, so I'm assuming a server issue).

When playing solo everything seems fine.

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