Unity vs The Star of Azkaranth

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Which would be better for overall damage reduction? Unity's 50% across the board or The Star's Fire immunity plus healing?


Unity is better... but which build is it for anyway? Immunity amulet is a gamble. If you pick fire but you get another element (or just Physical), you're going to wish you had Unity instead.
star is useless since travelers set takes up amulet slot.

Unity.. Especially when you consider there are much more efficient amulets to use than there are rings, plus it locks you out of the endless walk set(if that's appealing to you).

If you're looking for something to help fight off elite nukes, you could go with


For non-physical damage



For melee damage.

Personally, I would go with eso...

There's also

If the hits aren't killing you but the lack of health regen is.


if you're using a build that does a lot of hitting.

This next one, like the last one, is a bit iffy...

Having laid that all out, you may actually want to look at your class and certain items provided to them.
Basically, anything to which you'd consider yourself needing more survivability and/or dps has already been though of because there's not a whole lot of functional/competitive gear in this game.

Just search youtube for the class in question and there's probably already a fully optimized build based on the set you're trying to use.
I'm sure you're likely already aware of all this, but them guys with no free time have already done all the number crunching and optimization.
At most star is only good for zdps melee build so they wont die off those fat boomers on group. But unity is best for solo and it increase your toughness by 50% with immortal token and unity on your follower.
I don't get why compare a ring to an amulet.

Anyway, all amulets that prevent X elemental damage are very situational and right now are only used by zdps builds in multiplayer, but they are often replaced by Hellfire amulets.

Unity can be used for GR solo in some builds, don't forget to equip the immortal amulet on the follower.
Yeah, the immortal amulet is a very rare drop. Haven't got one yet this Season. xD
09/01/2016 03:54 AMPosted by shivan
Yeah, the immortal amulet is a very rare drop. Haven't got one yet this Season. xD

I see what you did there, lol!
I use the Xepherian lightning immunity, seems best for high GR60s.
And I can vault out of fire, poison, Ice, but that dang thunderstorm appearing over me upsets me every time.

Well not any more :)
Sucks that you use unity in solo but then if you decide to do a pub in an unorganized group you have no option for dmg reduction in the ring. They should make a ring that reduced damage by 30% at least, not as good as unity but still something to fill that slot
09/01/2016 11:01 AMPosted by Tubs
They should make a ring that reduced damage by 30%

For demon hunter it's "Elusive Ring" reduces damage 50-60% when you use vault.
I use vault a lot ;)
If you go with an elemental immunity amulet, go with the element of your main damage dealer. This way at least you won't have to worry about reflect damage.

But generally speaking, it's practically impossible to find a build that fits one of the immunity amulets: if your build does not require a Traveler's Pledge or one of the set amulets (Tal Rasha, Sunwuko, etc.), then it's almost always better to roll a good Hellfire amulet for the 5th passive.
I haven't come across many builds that would benefit more from an immunity amulet versus a 5th passive skill, besides some support builds.
For LoN builds that dont need a 5th passive, an immunity amulet is an option.

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