What would you like to see added to to Diablo 3

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I know this is a big "IF" most likely they are working on Deploying D4

But for now as we wait for the next 10 years to have D4 launched.
What would you like added to D3 to have it more fun.

I would like to see.

new set items that use character attributes that have never been used
updates to some already set items
New Legendaries that are actually worth searching for
New attributes for the cube
Some items that take advantage of never used skills
New skills for our followers
A higher gem recipe
recipes worth finding and using
An achievement system where for each achievement you make you will get a certain percentage towards finding ancient items
2 or mat drops for destroying an ancient or a combimation of mats
A revamp to the passive skills, or a few changes.

We need to keep the game alive, and to do that it needs some help, read the forums people want change.

Post what you would like changed < maybe blizz will listen or NOT>
Honestly? I could go for _any_ changes right now. It feels like I have been doing the exact same thing for years.
I need to see some sort of REAL PvP - ranks, ladders, Team PvP matches. I need some competitivity and teamplay to make this game worth my while. I am tired of grinding without a goal.
Good point
I think it would be nice to see actual effort and care put into the game.

Some fat EverQuest mocker comes in and remakes an RPG where every little 10 year old can enjoy it, suddenly thinks he can get all 'dark' and ruin this game, then leaves, becomes a writer (I can imagine the 'sucksess' he'll have.

I'm just vastly upset at how Blizzard, as a company, is treating the game. It's very unreal to see such a wealthy company just cranking out for more money and not paying attention to what they make or how it works.

In a way -- it's like instead of winning the rat race and just making damn good games because they had no real worry, they're learning about all the competition and they just want to run with everyone else.

In other words: "We can throw out the crap that other game company is, but we can do it faster!" ~ But with more errors, crashes and first-day delays.

Blizzard... more like "Snowflake"
Death Breath Goblin ;-)

THE GOB OF DEATH.....muuuuhahahhaaaaa O.o
A new goblin named ''Jay'' that we could kill over and over, even without significant reward or no reward at all it could be entertaining.

A Rift guardian also named ''Jay'' that drop nothing

And a loot'able book: ''Memories of Jay'' on the ground somewhere in the cathedral with nothing written on it.
On a serious note, they should take a look at thud and integrate almost everything to a customizable hud. The maphack is debatable.

Ability to change the mouse pointer graphic.

However, ground effects and being able to adjust size and position of graphic elements of the HUD would be nice.
- long lasting thrilling loothunt
- build diversity
- paragon cap
What would you like to see added to Diablo 3

The 300 hour/40,000 kill+ hardcore character I just lost.

Kidding...I'M KIDDING. Sheesh.
- Serious balanced Arena PvP with Rankings and Seasons.

- Core game back to item rarity, free trade and difficulty.

- Bosses that are actually bosses, hence that require tactical teamplay plus good gear to get em down.

- Way more different legendary types sporting way more synergys and builds.

- A giant passive skilltree enabling even more gear / build combinations.

- Solo rankings and seasons where only the solo earned xp gets calculated.

- Bring back frequent events ! I see absolutely no reason why the d3 com is left out of the event rotation while event rotations are totally certain in all other blizz games.

So far.
Nothing really, I'd rather see it get fixed and balanced and working properly and within the parameters.

If anything should be added it would be the PvP battle arenas. It wouldn't be for me thou but for the game and gamers in general.
I, personally, would love to have an option for Ability Presets. This way you can have one hero, loot the multiple sets for that class, and easily swap between skills based on the set you're using :)
i want to see a few thing happen:

remove the stupid CC immunity, this isn't pvp, monsters don't complain.

itemization needs an overhaul.

legendary powers needs to be organized into slots.

weapons and off-hand leg should give out skill buff only. like meteor does 1000% more dmg.
2 handed weapons should have better buffs than 1-hander

chest/pants should give out defensive buffs only.
gloves and bracers should only give out attack related buffs only, like increase attack speed when using certain spells, or leech using certain spells.

Helm should only give out buffs to resource reduction to a certain spell, cdc reduction to a certain spell and

boots gives out certain buffs to movement related buff.

rings gives out CC attributes to either a skill class or a specific spell.
amulet and belt - free for all anything can happen.

That way people can pick and choose which skill to build their character around their favorite spell.

so playing is enjoyable where as you meet those ranged meteor casters with fire link, dmg reflect and teleport you are really screwed at high GR
Make rares good again.
Offline mode. Private servers. Map/mobs/density chooser. More characterslots and stashtabs. Search inside stash. 8 players multiplay. Free trade to hell with BoA.
i would love them to limit paragon points when in a greater rift to say 1000 , this would take away the huge advantage that guys with 1000/2000 paragon levels over the poor guy who has to work for a living and at least give them a chance to compete.

also the gap between a 4 man group over the solo player needs changing

i'm not complaining about getting into the top 100 but having a chance to at least get my name on somewhere on the damn board would be nice , i put my hours into this game but also work 60+ hours a week and the only season i managed to get onto the leader board , was when i farmed 4 man groups to level gems and paragon levels.

right now as it stands solo players dont stand a chance cuz of gem levels alone
I would like to see gear and skill balance... Not rebalance...
Straight up balance, cause there is none..
This game is broken beyond repair:

    XP grind over item hunt

    Massive XP gap between solo and group players

    Greater Rifts being the only endgame there is, because they give significantly more XP

    Legendaries with boring special affixes that only buff a single skill by xxx%

    Massively overpowered sets

    No build diversity because players get funneled into (almost) default builds by super OP sets and their support legendaries

    Stash space tied to seasons

    No PvP

    Insanely high damage multipliers

    Extremely high legendary droprates

    Redundant resource systems and redundant cooldowns because of massive amounts of RCR and CDR

    Elemental Skills/Spells with absolutely no secondary effects (eg. ignite, chill/freeze, stun)

    Sets and their support legendaries being mandatory because they are extremely-OP

We need Diablo 4 being made by devs who actually know how to make an ARPG.
I'd like to see a kind of armor rack that allows players to store gear and skills for different builds so as to make it much easier to swap, for example, between a dps and zdps build.

I remember a while ago someone posted a mock up they had done of what it would look like and how it'd function. It looked amazing.

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