Is Diablo IV going to be a vaporware?

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I dont know why you all asking for D4 when clearly blizz has not made any announcements. All they did was tweet that is going to be good this year on official diablo tweeter handler. Just wait till Blizzcon 2016 to happen if they make any diablo announcement then lets turn on with the hype machine.
09/11/2016 08:30 PMPosted by Chipoodle
Please share your thoughts

Really? You have nothing better to post?

Are some people going to use their mind to come up with better questions?

We will know what the next project will be when Blizzard tells us. They are not the sort of company to produce anything remotely close to a Vaporware project. (actual sales of a product based on a promise and ultimately not delivering anything) And no pre-orders aren't the same, since with Blizzard, they would have already established a working product and at that point already in public beta testing of said product when they start pre-orders.

Personally I'm looking forward to a D4 announcement. But will be happy even if its a D3 expansion. But I feel that's highly unlikely.

Game on.
Duke Nukem Forever was "vaporware."

It was hyped and pandered about by several developers and the consuming public for 15 years, the game was finally released in 2011, with 15-year-old graphics, humor, and gameplay.

The premise of your question has two problems: the first is the definition of vaporware, which Diablo IV may or may not be. That question leads to the second problem, nothing about Diablo IV has ever been announced by anyone, except for forum zealots who keep bringing up the question.

These zealots are the same type of people that ask about the contents of Season 8 one week after Season 7 starts.

So the question, "Is Diablo IV going to be vaporware," is a question that cannot be asked until there is at least an idea of Diablo IV. That idea has to come from the developers of the game, and it has to come by way of some type of an announcement or insider information. Otherwise, the question is merely rhetorical, intended simply to incite a theoretical discussion of what so far is nothing more than a fantasy, and it certainly can't presently be answered.

lol... Props to Ace for getting here five minutes before I did...
If you subscribe to the school of thought that wishful thinking by internet dweebs and vaporware are one and the same, then yes. D4 is and will be vaporware for the foreseeable future.
09/11/2016 08:30 PMPosted by Chipoodle
Please share your thoughts

good question to ask; you don't play D3 so why would you want a D4?
Diablo IV isn't even announced and you start talking about vaporwave... The !@#$
LOL another dumb post by a Troll OP
Your face is vaporware

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