Stat Priority Dex vs. CHC

Demon Hunter
I searched for stat priority, but the best I could find was over a year old, so here I am!

I just got an Ancient Squirts Necklace which I would like to wear for everything except for GRifts. My build is the standard cookie-cutter UE MS fire. I need to put a socket on it, which leads me to the stats:

Stats are as follows:

+18% Fire Damage
+957 DEX
74% Crit Hit Damage
8% Crit Hit Chance

If my understanding is correct, as you get more and more DEX, it becomes worth less and less, so I am inclined to roll the DEX off for a socket for Boon of the Hoarder. However this is a high amount of DEX and the CHC is only 8%. What should I roll off for a socket?

Thank you!
Roll the Dex to Socket. It'll be a good farming amulet.
The bests attribute for any amulet are
Elemental damage %
Critical hit chance
Critical hit damage
and a Socket.
So go ahead and roll the dex off the higher the paragon you go the more dex point you can get, also you can get dex from Augment.

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