SERVER DOWN? code 3007

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just got kick in the middle of grift :(

thank you blizz...
Yep...Same here...

Me and brudder both got it...Now in queue
Looks like another DDoS :-(
Same here. Now stuck in a queue. Guess another Ddos attack? Or server issues?
Down as well. Not everyone is down though. The person sitting next to me is still in his game... for now.
Yeah I got kicked out too, was looking here to see if anyone else was having issues. Maybe we should keep an eye on Twitter? Do they normally post about DDoS stuff here on the forums? I don't usually come here lol
What the CRAP is waiting Queue authentication No.99?.....What the "F" is that?..Getting Worse!!!
Your number in Queue is 71

You have lost communication with the server.

This has happened 3 times now. Awesome.
Just ended my season, was salvaging all my stuff and... kicked. Holding breath to make sure the season stuck.
09/16/2016 02:51 PMPosted by AngryFish
thank you blizz...
They'd say, "you're welcome", but they're too busy hanging around the water cooler talking about who Negan clobbered with Lucille.
Yup middle of 70 grift got kicked out public game where I was highest para trying to help the others..
Since this last patch these DC's are happening quite often
Code 3007, pay for a game you cannot play, not sure why anyone would play HC with all of the disconnects with the server.
I just got a couple hours of free time to play in the past month and then kicked >.<
Was in the middle of picking stuff from Horadric Cache and it kicked me out.

!@#$ you Blizz. %^-* you.
lost 2 chars this week to this crap...

I've played hc for years and never complain about it as I know what I signed up for but when I can't even log back in to lvl another one back up it gets pretty frustrating...specially when the wife is only out for a few!!!!


oh wait, they don't give a crap about us.....*sigh*

If you think Blizzard doesn't care, then why are you here? You're super wrong, anyway. DDoS attacks aren't something that... pretty much ANYONE has figured out how to prevent. Blizzard is one of the most, if not the most, successful gaming companies, so they're going to be targeted a lot. If you know what you signed up for with HC then don't complain, you knew this was a possibility.
Woot back in and saved!
It's probably the Waste set. Oh wait...
I am in its back

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