What is going on with Diablo?????

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So many issues with Diablo in the past week... what is up???
Can't Log In.. sometimes works on 3rd or 4th try.
At times, So Slow, you cannot keep up with game play.
Worst of all: freezing now.. Finally get into the game to play, after several tries, try a quest and go to the thieves guild, and cannot get in. game freezes. Let me rephrase that, the game is running, I can hear it. but no video. So I say again... What Is Up With Diablo?????
trying the support ticket is a joke....It's not my system... It's the GAME.
The game freeze is likely video driver related. Try updating those first.

The lag/DCs some nights are due to DDOS attacks designed to disrupt gaming services. They go after the ISP hops near Blizzard to disrupt traffic trying to get there. There have been several in the past two weeks.
Sorry MissCheetah, Just Frustrated with it. Windows 10 did a big update a few days ago.. could this be part of the problem??
"Game is running". No it´s not? Can´t open Diablo
I get the message " Game is running" whenever I log on BUT game IS NOT RUNNING. I cannot log on past that initial screen .Started on Friday September 23, 2016 and is still NOT RUNNING. Please fix, not impressed so far with battle net support. Need to have real live connection where I can speak to a REAL LIVE PERSON. And not this online crap you have now. I want to be able to speak with a real live person not a "submit ticket " crap system where you can ignore me for ever and answer at your leasure.
Please fix SOON.
09/24/2016 09:32 AMPosted by zedd
Let me rephrase that, the game is running, I can hear it. but no video.

Today I met the same poblem.
Drivers is updated.
I will try to reinstall game and the drivers.
Biggan, August and Aquadon : Have you tried disabling streaming in the BNet Launcher ? See:
for some visual help.

Aquadon : Live Chat and phone callback are available by clicking Support at the top of the screen and then clicking the Contact Support blue button. Specify that you need help for D3, select a topic (Technical / Performance Problem perhaps ??) and then select what channel you want to use... web ticket, phone callback or chat. Phone callback and chat are not available 24 hrs a day, however...
09/24/2016 09:59 AMPosted by zedd
Sorry MissCheetah, Just Frustrated with it. Windows 10 did a big update a few days ago.. could this be part of the problem??

Yes it can be. It can mess up drivers and it also enabled Xbox DVR which is a problem. See the Win 10 Anniversary sticky thread at the top of the forum for the fix. I had to do it even though I don't have an Xbox.

The issue with game saying it is running but not, is usually related to the new Streaming Feature in the Blizzard Launcher. Boubou has a good link showing where to disable that setting.
09/24/2016 10:25 AMPosted by Biggan
"Game is running". No it´s not? Can´t open Diablo

This is the issue I have been having on my PC... makes me a sad panda
Redhood - it would be most helpful if you would advise us whether or not you have tried the solution offered to Biggan.... and if you haven't, why not.
I can't play.
Says game is running. checked all settings, (of which streaming was activated,and I do not stream, ever?) but that and any other setting changes I tried, with restarts, has changed nothing.
Each and every time I launch Battle.net the result is the same, the game is already running. Computer shut downs, settings, updated drivers, nothing helps.
Windows 8.1 , my specs are good enough to run no man's sky, and I have played Diablo 3 for years, but now all of a sudden, the game is always running and I can not play.
exact same problems.... been 4 hours of restarts and updates and trying every link or suggestion and "I"M PLAYING" everytime..... just i sure as hell don't get to see or play anything.... what the hell
Okay having the same problem as everyone else. Turned off streaming, but can't find anything called " Win 10 Anniversary sticky thread " Can you tell me exactly where this is, please? Thank you very much.

Okay, never mind, found it. Will try this solution.
DIABLO is flickering as soon as I connect, What is going on. Cannot even play or connect to the game!!!
I have starcraft as well as diablo, but DIABLO is not working properly and I see that I am not the only one having this problem. I get flickering as soon I connect to the DIABLO GABE, but no problem with STARCRAFTS, MUST be some problem with DIABLO that is a MAJOR PROBLET to the TECH !!!
I couldn't get past "START" and "GAME IS RUNNING" in the background - Diablo3 is running but not in the foreground. I deleted the client and re-installed D - 14+GB. At the point game is playable I could get to view my chars. At "optimal" I got in as well. After the client download is complete I'm back to "GAME RUNNING" but nothing else happens.
Having the same problem reinstalled battle.net and diablo/ reinstalled diff graphic driver versions sometimes works , plus messed around with d3prefs because I've had issues with non standard resolutions but once you do a reset game preferences it usually does the trick also, starcraft 2 runs fine, from these threads people seem to be having the same issues were I/they launch the game and it is running in the background through task manager but no game is visible via alt tab or window. windows 10 a big update yesterday anyone have any input? I also had earlier issues with grey screens cant initialize d3d, now its just not launching at all except for the main logo and visible only in task manager.

NVidia 660gtx
windows 10
Disable STREAMING in SETTING on BATTLE.NET screen with D3 selected as game. 4th option down.
its just sitting at a grey screen now trying to load?

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