Dear necromancers...

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Can we *please* stop resurrecting threads from 2012?

Sincerely, everyone else...
LOL +1
Those asshats that can't do a DDOS, do the next best thing. Necro old threads to annoy people.

The sad thing is - as is shown in the OP - it works.
09/22/2016 11:33 AMPosted by LordDamien
Can we *please* stop resurrecting threads from 2012?

idk, threads pointing-out issues that continue to plague the game Today, despite four years of patches, hot fixes and Blizzards claims of solving issues, help the forum visiting playerbase to understand what Today's Blizzard is actually capable of and more importantly, what they're not.
No need to post about it. If you think a bump is unwarranted or needs to be moderated, please use the report button so myself or one of our moderators can attend to it.


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