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They could do a Diablo MMO without directly competing with WoW- they could just go the more action based combat route like Tera. Think similar to Hellgate London except not !@#$ty.
... instead of D4. WoW is dying/dead.



d2 team wanted to do that. Blizzard executives denied it because they don't want competition. It happened a long time ago.
I really really hope they will not make it an MMO.

If I wanted to play an MMO i wouldnt be playing Diablo now.
If I wanted to play a Diablo game because i like the lore etc then I wouldnt want it to be an MMO because
08/22/2016 05:43 PMPosted by RedCell
For me, playing RPGs is like reading a book, with the exception that I'm a participant. Seeing a bunch of players running around the Town, fiddling with their stash, taking with vendors etc is like reading a book with ten other people in room, and each one is constantly telling you that they're reading the same book. It just pulls you right out of the fantasy world the author has created.

I hope they dont change their opinion about Diablo becoming and MMO
wow is back up to 10 million active.

this is why we don't have a PTR or a patch.

turn off the lights on your way out.
Nothing to discuss, no.
d4 will be a mobile app

D3 is a six button game

You could easily play d3 on a smart phone if they shrunk it down

10/02/2016 09:09 PMPosted by Arsonyst
... instead of D4. WoW is dying/dead. Next big thing. Discuss.
I remember 10 years ago when people were saying WoW was dying/dead...

Because you lose interest does not mean everyone else does too!
If you want to fight a huge invasion of demons in an MMO environment, that has Greater Rifts, Legendary items, Bounties, etc. I recommend WoW. I am not actually kidding. The Legion expansion is some weird hybrid of the two games and is doing very very well. That said, it is not everyone's cup of tea so I don't expect many true ARPG gamers to be all that into it. Most of the D3 streamers I know and most people on my friends list are playing though.

As for making Diablo into its own MMO? I really doubt it. They have an MMO that is doing well and no real need to make another. Given how in love everyone is with the OW storyline and chars I would expect something to be done with that before Diablo.

Speaking of tea, I need a hot beverage before heading back into WoW and searching for rare fish. *cough*
new WoW "is doing very very well"? xD
I never really liked the play style of MMO's. World of Warcraft felt very much like a live action mathematics calculation where you had to hive mind specific input or fail as a team. The game mostly had you spamming your cooldowns and often item locked or bad-allies locked you out of content and you had to pay to watch other people run around in the same locations (sometimes) or steal and interfere with your quest grinding to get to said locked out end-game content (where the 'real game' lived).
Throw in an excessive amount of travel time doing nothing and needing to pay attention to keep from dying or getting stuck or lost just enough so you can't do much else or multitask watch movies because it was so tedious and boring.

All that 'slow down' action isn't something I'd invest my time or energy into. But seeing as WoW was able to make a titan of an MMO out of a RTS, Diablo would likely work a lot better transitioning into that mold. Maybe instead of the "1v1 or 40v1" - enemies are always bigger than you - DiabloMMO would be like 1v100 or 40v1000 kind of fights. Every fight would make you feel like your in the movie 300.
If D4 maintains even 1/4 of D3 features it will fail. I'd rather a MMO is this is the case.
Many people are just tired of WoW's style- especially the tab targeting and the whole hot bar mess that they call a UI. I know a lot of people still like it but a large population of players (like me) think it's outdated and are on the lookout for a more "modern" style MMO that isn't Korean.

If you look at the market there really is a major shortage of MMOs out there- especially good ones. I'll always prefer Diablo as an ARPG but I definitely wouldn't be opposed to one with more MMO elements to it. I mean, can't an ARPG also be an MMOG? Dungeons in most MMOs are instanced anyways- just add some public "zones" to a Diablo game and boom, you have the first MMOARPG (I don't count Korean games).
Western MMOs have really tainted the MMO name...

MMO isn't a genre.
You can have an MMO Arcade game...

MMO Action Adventure Games like WoW


MMO FPS games...

And you can have MMO Action RPGs.

The sole requirement is a massive amount of players that meet eachother in towns and on the road.
10/02/2016 09:18 PMPosted by Kukiri
World of Diablo, no.

How about Diablo of Duty. Or Diablo Wars Battle For Naboo. Or Half Life 3, Diablo. Or Duke Diablo 4. or Counter-Strike, Diablo Offensive.

Lol hilarious.

Call of Diablo - Nephalem Warfare
It will come eventually.. When it does I wonder if they will stay with the isometric camera ( I hope ) or will they move to a full 3D space.. Keeping the isometric camera will IMO keep the game from competing very much with WoW.

The next Diablo game IMO will be an MMORPG with an open and persistent world.
Diablo VR would be better.
There's a bit of WoW in D3 for sure. Nothing dramatic though, just the UI/X.
It's probably been said but World of Diablo already exists to an extent.

Diablo Bounties = WoW World Quests/Emissary
Diablo Rifts = WoW Mythic+
Diablo Legendary drops = WoW Legendary system with far fewer drops
Diablo Crusader = WoW Prot Pally
There are even Diablo items like Scroll of Town portal in Legion

Legion took way to much from Diablo but left out a little thing known as fun

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