Do I just suck?

Lost my fourth character to Perdition. I know the mechanics of his teleport are tough to beat and I was only at 3 stacks of soul harvest when he spawned. I wasn't ready for him to come up but looking at the leader boards I should have been pushing way past 72 or 73.

This time I am speaking of MazeRunner the HT pet doc but I've had the same thing with a full ancient DH, twice and two of these doc's.

At least it wasn't a D/C again.

I'm really starting to dislike leveling gems.
He only teleports if youre out of mellee range. Stand just beyond your pets to completely avoid it
People actually fight perdition? lol
10/05/2016 01:32 AMPosted by Vaxis
People actually fight perdition? lol

Yup but ALWAYS at a door , i try to spawn the RG near a door at all times especially if you are in a stupid 5km long sewer etc.

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