stash tabs - 2 seasons in a row

Bug Report
Howdy. I had a support ticket in which i was instructed instead to report a bug. It was concerning season before last, in my rewarded tab did not show up instantly once i completed the required tasks. I blew it off to programmatic errors last season but it happened again this season :| Not sure why, but the last 2 seasons i was not rewarded with tabs. They did not show up instantly when i completed seasonal accomplishments nor anytime after. Worked fine the first couple of seasons where as soon as I completed the required tasks, i was awarded a new tab.

Additionally i have never received my pet for blizzcon... again.

I'm sure there is nothing that can be done so i can get my tabs but still wanted to report as bugs because it sucks to grind through to conquer for nothing.

2 seasons wasted.

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