Would you want trading Diablo 4?

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10/06/2016 01:44 PMPosted by AshyLarry
Even if you don't believe D4 is getting announced soon or whatever. Would you want trading?

Not when the only way you can get items is by buying them, which was the only way to get top end set pieces because the drops were tied to how many of the items you wanted were actually for sale

10/06/2016 06:17 PMPosted by Tetra
In D2 you didn't play cookie-cutter classes with only 1 or 2 viable builds.

In D3V when the RMAH and AH were around there wasn't just 1 or 2 viable builds.
All the points you bring up happened after the shutdown of the AH and the release of RoS
Trading adds longevity into the game. They need to make it proper though. It can't be half assed. No Auction housing. This is not that game. Do not cripple us with abysmal drops but don't cater to us either. Find that Goldilocks zone as they say.
I don't want features removed to combat bots. Find a way, and be constantly active about it.
Add competitive pvp to extend longevity even more so.

Moderate your chat's for christ sakes. I'm tired of seeing gold farmers/trolls spamming chats. Moderator sees spam, he snuffs it out. Moderator see's extreme racial harassment etc. Keep trade channels clean as well. I don't want Wow Trade channel... Oh dear lord save us from that.
Player moderating is not effective. It's nice to have a hand now and then, but someone payed should be doing this.

I liked your stash system on here. Being able to go through a single chest to trade items between players was very nice. Could add a chest for personal use for each character as well. That isn't shared. Allowing you to better sort out your items for future builds without cluttering up space to be used by additional characters.
10/06/2016 04:26 PMPosted by Jace

I understand that P2W typically comes with trading, but let's face it, the integrity of the leader boards has been compromised every season even without trading or P2W. To be completely fair though, a person can pay someone to play their D3 characters, he can bot, she can exploit bugs, and very rarely you'll find a hacker. The fact that people are going to pay to win, or cheat their way to the top has been true for 20 years since Ultima in 1997. It was true in 2000 with D3, but we all loved it regardless. Like it or not, trading is good for the community and overall health of the game.

P2W? Um.. Trading consist of two mutual people who have successfully obtained items through hard work but have no use for the items that they found. Trading the item they have no use, for an item someone has that they can use. This isn't P2W. Your not exchanging currency, but your efforts of long hours of farming.

This is a way to reward players for their long hours of work. Nothing like finding that one item, that just oozes with trade value.
10/10/2016 03:34 AMPosted by Urgle
This isn't P2W. Your not exchanging currency, but your efforts of long hours of farming.

The currency is items so of course you are P2W. Otherwise they should just give you the item, without expecting anything in return.

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