Who would pay monthly for more content?

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id pay a monthly...

giving us monthly hunts like how warhammer online used to.
the game would need a little more depth of course.
I would pay 15$ a month for Diablo 2 : LoD on Diablo 3 engine.
I would maybe pay monthly for Diablo 3 if they straightened out Diablo 3, get rid of stupid crap like paragon levels, greater rifts, bind on account items... Make combat slower, bring back trading, make it hard and more based on skill than on rng, get rid of such large crit damage % it makes pvp impossible, make more depth to the game, increase amount of players in the games, let us create and join like in D2 to trade or hang out.

Make it a game that is worth playing.
This isn't a subscription MMORPG.

Diablo, or any Blizzard game (except WoW), never has been, and if they change it into it, people will flip.

Buying expansions sucks (at least they're real expansions, unlike Elite: Dangerous), but I'd take them over a sub any damn day.

If anything, going free to play is the way to go. Would bump the population up so much as it'd allow low income people like myself much more accessibility into games. Selling cosmetics (and the much wanted extra stash space) is a solution probably everyone can agree on. I mean, PoE does that, and look at GGG's success.
10/07/2016 10:15 PMPosted by Shakezoola89
A cash shop like Path of Exile would work perfectly. Why they haven't done that, is beyond me. People love stupid crap like cosmetic transmog stuff.

and this is something where i don't know wether to laugh or to cry.

for useless cosmetics people want to pay money.
for uber good items, they don't want to spend a dime.
No, I don't need more content, I need more usable content.

The game is starved of things to do, and i doesn't matter how many areas and other things they add. As long as Greater Rifts is the only sensible and rewarding thing to do it's going to be terrible.

And that's what it has come down to every single time the add "more" to the game - you go there once or twice, but are then back to do the only thing there is to do in this game. And it is NOT killing demons and ridding the world of demons or anything like it ought to be.

And no I wouldn't pay extra for them to fix it to a proper game.
No sub for me. I have too many other things to do with my money at this point/
They just need to sell Class DLC. I'd pay $10 for a Druid or Necromancer.
If they implemented a monthly fee now this game would surely lose the few players it has left
I would pay for set balance
Sub? No. Dlc? Maybe. Cosmetics/stash tab? Yes.
I would like to see more varied competitions with unique prizes and of course a non-PTW micro-purchase model.

When I say competitions, I mean something like "1hr to reach XX level cap = prize". I like races like that.

Maybe things like special skill awards (not just special cosmetics) for each season, when certain goals are met and special cosmetics for placing at Key Season rankings when the events Season ends.

For example: consistently rank within the top XXX during the Season Races (achievement) nets you: "A Token to perma-buff a passive of your choice @ -1 lvl for every level until the passive is naturally unlocked ~ this token can only be used in Seasons and the buff is removed when the Season ends, for 1 Season only." ~ its kinda like a Hellfire amulet and you have to participate, not just in the Season, but the Season events (races and whathaveyou).

These events could ask players to assemble in a special community channel and await the start of an event (like a lobby), which could be anything from:
  • Reaching level caps from Zero - Hero
  • The fastest to clear all five bounties in each of the five regions, within a certain time limit (the game hard drops out, when the time limit is reached or winner is proclaimed).
  • Maybe a hunt the Nemesis group event ~ players are randomly grouped in 4 player teams and made to hunt the Uber Nemesis. First team to bring back the Nemisis head to XYZ NPC, wins
  • Red vs Blue ~ Spot PvP/GvG, where random teams are grouped and must race to get special items, switch out their weapons and use the special items to PvP. These items don't kill the player, they paint them either red or blue. Winner is obviously last ones standing. This could be a longer event (say 4hrs) and have a tourney tiers. The team that does the best gets awarded. It could even be a Clan specific thing in order to earn Clan awards (special banners and the like, these banners show when player health bars or names are selected to be shown, rather than the standard gump).
  • Stuff like that. Spectators can also join the community channel (which asks you upon entering if you are participating or spectating) and you can gamble bloodshards on contestants. If you win, your awarded bloodshards come in a cache to open at your leisure (given there is a bloodshard cap). Maybe you could be allowed to gamble anything, Mats, Gems, levels for your LGems ~ of course, you lose your bet you lose the item; Blood shards, LGem, Gems, Mats, etc.. you bet against. You might even bet a Legendary item and if you win, you get a token to turn it into an ancient, if its ancient you get a free augment.

    There could be a podium community channel that lets winners opt to talk to be accessible to everyone for 10 questions and answers and has interviews with staff, relating their experiences. Bit'o celebrity never hurt anyone haha :D

    I dunno how this sounds to people. I got too many ideas like this, if it were up to me, I'd have ya'll running around in circles!.. hahah sorry :D
    no not ever.
    I'd pay for frequent content releases as a one-time fee for the content pack. Not a season pass arrangement but paying for what is in front of me.

    The content releases would have to be new act-level story lines that expanded adventure mode to include the new areas, mobs and items.

    Blizzard should release these quarterly for $15 give or take. Not a subscription model but a model that allowed people to expand Diablo 3 as they played through the game.

    Level increases would be a no-no. So would changes to game mechanics. They should all be downwardly compatible with all existing Diablo 3 content.
    I would not pay monthly, but I would pay for added content (assuming it was substantial enough)

    I would also pay for a remaster of Diablo1 (hellfire), and D2LOD.
    10/07/2016 06:22 AMPosted by MissCheetah
    Whenever these threads pop up the overwhelming response has been negative. I personally would not pay a sub fee for D3. I honestly feel that the current sales model is quite workable and they obviously sold a lot of copies. Options I would accept IF they felt they had to make money off it outside of the purchase price of the base game:

    -Cosmetics that give no advantage (transmogs, wings, pennants, portraits, pets)
    -Appearance change skins
    -Character transfers between Regions
    -Character Name Change
    -Small content packs akin to mini expansions (like some of the patches we had early RoS that addeded new zones, new mobs, new game features)
    -Full expansions (New class, new Act, expanded story line, etc)

    Also - Dave Brevik was at Blizzard yesterday. https://twitter.com/davidbrevik/status/784121807896875008 *puts on tinfoil hat*

    What about letting players purchase these QOL items? These things are causing me enough pain that I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for them.

    - extra character slots
    - extra stash tabs
    I would, why not? Anything to continue to improve the game and bring more content.
    10/10/2016 12:48 PMPosted by BIOLD0
    What about letting players purchase these QOL items? These things are causing me enough pain that I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for them.

    - extra character slots
    - extra stash tabs

    I personally don't have an issue with that. You can already buy extra char slots if you don't have RoS DE. Upgrade to the Deluxe edition and get 3 more slots.

    10/10/2016 01:24 PMPosted by Placebo
    Anything to continue to improve the game and bring more content.

    This is a huge assumption that the money would result in more content and that you will like that content and consider it an improvement. That is quite a gamble and not one I am willing to commit monthly fees to.
    the game was never improved in the first place (besides removing RMAH)
    Go b2wow
    There are several posts that mentioned it, but a subscription model is a no-no, however, I think it would be a great idea to have micro transactions for cosmetics. It can provide a source of funding to dev new content, plus a source of income for Blizzard. A small expansion every once in a while can also be good, as long as it offers enough content.

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