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so uh the spider with wings is there ever chance to get those wing obtained from in game content or will that not be a posibly becuause of lore hindrance? always want these cool spider bat wing because my fav anime Narutarue used them in on e ep. and it remind mf ot hta every time when i k l the spider boss in game. ty! :)

*edit to fx some of spell errors :]
Unbfortunately, there are no spiders with wings abailable to the playerbase, upon first glance however i do understand how you could imgaine a world with different eyes, but nolonger, is it our frail duty among the infestation to withhold an entire feeblement settle
ty! for msg :) thumbup for respond so fast u must be very corehard d3 legend player and poster
Hey guys so i was curious if the worm character ever got fixed so ppl couldnt bot and just afk behind the line of defense on him and not do anything to help team but get themselves some XP / gold coins? i hvaent played in a while but last time i was on i made a post asking why every worm man wa sAFK for some reason......................................... plz repsond ty :}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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